The eyes are the windows to the soul and when it comes to eye makeup, how you apply it can literally make or break your overall look. Eye makeup is certainly tricky and sure, it takes a great deal of trial and error, but you will eventually figure out what you are doing. That said, here are 10 common blunders to avoid and unveil the natural beauty within your gaze.


Unflattering Lighting

The golden rule of makeup is that lighting is indeed everything. You know how it is — you look in your vanity mirror yet you look vastly different in another setting. You do not want to be too heavy-handed with your eyeshadows or end up with uneven wings, so remember to find the best lighting for your vanity space. Steer clear from fluorescent, yellow and rosy lighting so as to not overdo or underdo your makeup. While the most ideal light source is still natural sunlight, LED is a close alternative that imitates its colour spectrum and ensures even illumination across your face.


Relying Too Much On Tutorials

While beauty tutorials on YouTube and Instagram can be fun and really informative, it is best to not depend on them too much. Besides, the makeup looks created by these beauty gurus tend to be way heavier than everyday looks, which requires you to pile on more products than you are supposed to. Not forgetting the sponsorships that these gurus hold, it just is not realistic to purchase all the products and brushes that they claim to be their holy grail, which also hurts your wallet in the long run.


Forgetting To Prime And Set

Like priming and setting your face makeup in place, you will need to do the same for your eye makeup as well. This will help to protect your hard work from creasing or smudging after a long day out. Not only does applying an eyeshadow primer aid in making the colours go on smoothly and seamlessly, it also allows your eye look to last through the night.


Not Looking Out For Expiration Dates

To ensure the health of your eyes as well as the vibrancy of your eye makeup products, do remember to take note of the expiration dates on them. Throw mascaras out every 3 months as the formula is prone to drying out, which in turn clumps up your lashes. As for eyeliners and eyeshadows, it would be ideal to replace them every 6 to 12 months, depending on the shelf life as depicted on their respective packaging. Doing so is extremely important as you do not want to risk getting an eye infection!


Curling Lashes After Mascara

To ward off overly clumped lashes (which is not a cute look) and a messy eyelash curler, it is highly recommended that you curl your lashes before applying mascara to provide a strong foundation for the formula to cling onto. Besides, curling your lashes after mascara can actually damage the eyelash cuticles and lead to lash breakage, which you definitely do not want.


Not Using An Eye Cream

Avoid crepey skin around your eyes by keeping the delicate area hydrated with an eye cream that restores youthful radiance to your peepers. Not doing so will cause your eyes to look tired and lead to accelerated signs of ageing. Create a solid base for your eye makeup to “pop” by using eye serums or creams that are nourishing and revitalising.


False Lashes That Are Way Too Heavy

Try not to weigh your lids down by going too overboard with lash extensions or falsies that are too heavy for your eye shape. For a look that enhances the natural beauty of your eyes, consider opting for a wispy set to subtly enlarge your eyes without overdoing it. To customise a set that complements your eyes, you could also apply single eyelashes under your natural lashes for a truly natural look.


Overlooking Your Brows

Brows are essential in framing the face as it gives everything structure and balances the features. Through proper grooming, you can even change up your brows to flatter your face shape. This is something that you should totally consider adding to your makeup routine if you have not done so because it will perfectly complement your eye look and truly make a huge difference.


Not Cleaning Your Brushes Regularly

Always keep your tools clean and free from residual makeup, dirt, and oils to ward off breakouts and skin irritation. On top of that, not washing your eyeshadow brushes on a regular basis will directly impact how eyeshadow shades go on your lids, so do remember to clean them weekly.


Applying The Wrong Look For Your Eye Shape

Eyeshadow and eyeliner looks are not one-size-fits-all, hence it is best to determine your eye shape before following a certain tutorial. Tweak it up to suit your eye shape as you want to accentuate your peepers and not make them too overly dramatic or underwhelming.