Anyone who follows at least one travel Instagram account would understand how those picturesque shots splashed across our feeds fuels an inspiration to recreate those ‘gram-worthy moments when we go on trips of our own. When you try to take a swoon-worthy shot but end up with a dimly-lit, grainy photo instead – non-professional photographers like us know this familiar reality all too well. Fret not, fellow regular folk! Here are 10 tricks of the trade that will help you to take your smartphone photography to the next level and revamp your Instagram game.


Plan Out Your Shot

Try not to go into it blind and make a mental note of the amazing shots that you wish to take during your trip. Forget the rules and do not be afraid to unleash your creativity! Doing so will help you to get more ideas about what type of shots you want to achieve. You could even consider researching about the various landmarks and quirky little places that you can shoot during your visit.


Rule Of Thirds Matter

Any photography enthusiast would know that the Rule of Thirds is key in attaining a balanced and beautiful shot. Placing your subject a third way into the frame will help to create an intriguing perspective and provide dimension to your shot. After familiarising yourself with this rule, you are free to experiment with composition and add flexibility to your pictures. This will ultimately help you to capture images that ooze #VacationEnvy.


Take It Horizontally

Positioning truly matters when you want to take that perfect Instagram shot. Pointing your camera horizontally to capture a shot will help to give you an all-encompassing, wide perspective of your subject; which is perfect for scenery images. On top of that, you will also have the freedom to show what you want while cropping the image to fit your grid, without compromising on the other details of the shot.


Have Fun With It

There is nothing that captures the essence of travel shots better than a beach shot. Get that perfect bikini Instagram snap by simply being yourself. Bare your skin with confidence as you lounge by the beach for a natural-looking shot. Or, have a friend take your photo at an angled position, and slightly bend your knees to create an elongated effect that will make you look like you have legs for days.


Know Your Modes

Smartphones are usually equipped with highly versatile built-in cameras, which include an array of modes that support you in capturing the best shot. To fully maximise your smartphone camera’s potential, it is essential to familiarise yourself with it. Play around with the different modes before your trip and read up on some photography tips before your trip to help you practice what you have learnt and take some interesting snaps.


Enhance Your Shots

Do not be afraid to use editing apps, but try not to go too overboard with the lighting enhancement or filters. When done correctly, editing can help to enhance the mood that you wish to convey in your shots and even bring out the different qualities that lie within your work. Additionally, such apps could also teach you a thing or two about how elements like lighting, contrast and hues can affect your image.


All About Angles

Photography is all about taking one’s creativity to the next level and see how far you could go with it. Allow yourself to be more versatile and change up your angles every once in a while in different shots. Feel free to keep your legs moving to see which position and angle works best for the scenery or subject that you wish to capture.


Tripods Are Your Friends

If you happen to travel solo, pack a lightweight handy tripod in your suitcase as your photography companion during your trip. As a far superior alternative for selfie sticks, placing your smartphone on a tripod provides stability and balance to your shots. With your hands freed up, you also get more room for creativity, which translates to better art direction in your images.


Play With Perspective

Incorporate different perspectives in your images to enhance the aesthetics of your image and add a touch of appeal. As mentioned earlier, photo-taking should serve as a platform for you to play around with creativity, so just go with the flow and you might just be surprised with what shot you end up with.


Avoid Reading Too Much Into It

Your mind can be the biggest obstacle to overcome when it comes to photography. Overthinking can ruin an image, as timing is everything when trying to capture amazing shots. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and always try out new angles, because the journey of mastering photography is a never-ending one. You may not be able to take your desired shots from the get-go, but learn from the experience and your skills will certainly improve in the process.