When it comes to getting ready for a busy day at work, most of us tend to fall into two categories: the perfectly poised and put together businesswoman or the ‘I just rolled out of bed and here’s my attempt to look semi-decent’ working professional. Regardless of which group you belong to, one thing is for certain — there are certain expectations imposed upon us with regards to the ideal work appearance. Whether it be selecting your work attire or hairstyle, there are certain rules and regulations that one has to abide by, so as to blend seamlessly into the office culture. And of course, that applies to the makeup that we put on as well.

While certain types of makeup may work for a girls’ night out, they aren’t exactly the most appropriate for an office setting. Just imagine showing up to work with metallic eyeshadow or mauve-hued lipstick — those looks would definitely raise a few eyebrows. As such, nailing the right makeup look that is suitable for the office environment is imperative. To avoid committing a makeup faux pas, most of us usually opt for fail-safe, neutral makeup looks. A subtle cat-eye, pearly pink lipstick, smooth complexion and well-groomed brows are our default everyday office makeup and we rely on it to look fresh and presentable. But the thing is — this standard makeup routine can come off as boring and uninspiring when used in certain contexts like a work business event or dinner party.

Contrary to perception, doing your makeup for a work event isn’t just about looking neat but is also an opportunity for you to experiment with different makeup looks. However, at the same time, you must take heed not to overdo it to the extent where it comes off as clownish. Take wearing face glitter or gems for instance. Although glitter based makeup is incredibly striking and beautiful, it doesn’t exactly convey a sense of professionalism. Plus, using excessive amounts of glitter or shimmery elements on your face may unintentionally accentuate any narrow, pitted acne scars or raised, swollen blemishes that you may have. Therefore, it’s essential that you are aware of what makeup look works best for your skin type, condition and environment so that it enhances your best facial features while concealing various imperfections.

If you are completely new to the world of makeup, achieving a suitable work event or dinner party look can be daunting. But, fret not as we have compiled a list of 3 work event appropriate makeup looks that you can try as below.


Work Event Appropriate Makeup Looks That Are Sure To Impress

Rather than jumping headfirst into the makeup process, be sure to take the nature of the work event into consideration and then plan out your makeup look accordingly. For example, if it’s a product launch or networking event, try to keep your makeup minimalist yet chic. Whereas if it’s an annual dinner and dance event, you are free to play around with more unique makeup looks.

In addition, another thing to keep in mind would be to undertake the necessary skin care preparations before applying your makeup. For instance, to give your skin a luminous glow and facilitate smooth makeup application, make sure to exfoliate at least 3 days prior to the event. This will aid in eliminating the layer of dead skin cells, oil and dirt in your pores, thus reducing the likelihood of breakouts. But, take note not to over exfoliate, as it may irritate the skin, causing it to be flaky, red and even highlight any unattractive indented acne scars that you may wish to hide.

Asides from that, to allow your makeup to stay in place longer, apply a face primer before proceeding to the other steps of your makeup routine. The primer will not only help to lock in your makeup but minimise those large pores, thus making your complexion look silky soft.

Once you have carried out the numerous preparatory steps as listed above, you can now start to experiment with these different makeup looks. Here are some looks to try:

Assertive And Bold

Channel the vibe of a confident businesswoman with a vibrant blood red or cranberry lipstick and long, full eyelashes. Then, complement the look with a seemingly clear complexion through the use of a lightweight matte based foundation. This is because foundations that are too thick and rich can sink into your pores, thus highlighting any crater-like acne scars. After which, finish off by gently patting with a nude-hued blush.

Polished And Elegant

Look impeccably stylish and refined at your company event with gradation lips, ‘glass skin’ and thick, defined brows. To create the illusion of a radiant and seemingly flawless complexion, apply an illuminating or dewy foundation. However, if you have acne-prone skin and narrow, pitted acne scars, substitute it with a matte foundation instead of as an illuminating or dewy base can draw attention to the uneven texture of your skin and make it more obvious. Then, fill out any sparse areas in your eyebrows with an eyebrow mascara and eyebrow pencil before ending with a gradient lip in hues of either rosy pink, peach or apricot.

Creative And Inventive

Stand out from the crowd by forgoing the usual cat eye and replacing it with a graphic liner look. Depending on your preference, you can either go for a slightly more subtle triangular graphic look at the sides of your eyes or a more eye-catching half moon shape. After which, pair it with nude lips and a lightweight, matte foundation.