For some pregnant ladies, the demands of pregnancy with all its accompanying aches, pains and dreaded morning sickness make putting together a stylish outfit the last of their priorities. Who has the energy to think about fashion when you frequently spend your mornings bent over the toilet, throwing up?

For others, however, their pregnancy is an opportunity for them to find ways to rock their baby bump in style. Sure, it might get tricky to cater the existing clothes in your wardrobe to your growing belly. And no matter how long you try to avoid it, you will eventually have to buy new clothes to fit your new figure. This means expending your time and energy — the latter of which might be gradually depleting as your pregnancy progresses — to browse through shops and online stores for maternity wear.


Your Guide to a Stylish Pregnancy

However, carrying off your pregnancy in style does not have to be an arduous task. Fashion is supposed to be fun and there is no reason that has to stop when you are expecting. With a combination of careful planning and creativity, you will not only be shining with pregnancy glow but also oozing the aura of an effortlessly stylish pregnant lady.

Just follow these style hacks for your dose of maternity fashion inspiration:

The First Shopping Trip: Your Wardrobe (And Your Husband’s)

There is no need to immediately shop for maternity wear once you are pregnant. In the first trimester, your baby bump will still be relatively small so you should still be able to wear the existing clothes in your wardrobe. Plus, you might not realise it but certain pieces you own might even be able to carry you through to the second trimester of your pregnancy when the size of your bump is more significant. All it takes is having a new perspective on the ways to wear these pieces. Wear skirts higher up your waist, or wear a shirt that cannot fit around your bump unbuttoned as a casual outerwear over a dress and cinch it with a belt to accentuate your belly. Plus, you do not have to limit yourself to your own wardrobe. Go ahead and raid your husband’s too! There should be a treasure trove of bigger-sized shirts, sweaters and jackets in there you can include in your maternity get-up.

Embrace the Oversized Look

If you often gravitate towards form-fitting clothes, you might find them harder and uncomfortable to wear once your bump expands to a significant size. Of course, being pregnant does not mean automatically living in baggy tops that conceal your growing belly. On the contrary, you should take this opportunity to show off your baby bump to the world. That being said, including oversized pieces in your outfit is an easy way to keep you looking stylish. When done well, combining clothing pieces of different fits within an outfit can make a fashionable statement without looking like you put in any effort at all. For instance, you can layer a boxy-cut blazer over a form-fitting maternity dress that hugs your bump nicely and completes the look with a pair of comfy high top sneakers to create the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity. Contrasting fits work well when you are wearing black from head to toe as well. Plus, the all-black look can also help you achieve a slimmer appearance for days when you do not want all the attention on your bump.

Make Maternity Jeans Your Staple

A good quality pair of jeans is a staple in the wardrobe of any fashion-lover. They are the perfect clothing piece to a casual outfit but can also be dressed up with a tailored blazer and a swipe of red lip. When you are pregnant, your regular pair of jeans might still fit you during your first trimester. However, as your bump expands, you will have to cave in to the lure of maternity jeans, elastic waistband and all. Fortunately, good quality maternity jeans are easily available nowadays, with denim washes as nice as the regular ones. The best thing about maternity jeans is, while they fit you just like a regular pair of jeans, the waistband is designed to accommodate your growing bump so one pair can last you for a few months during your pregnancy. Plus, maternity jeans are usually made of a much softer fabric, making them a much more comfortable wear than a regular pair of jeans.

Create A Work Uniform

If you are working during your pregnancy, trying to put together stylish outfits can be that much harder. To combat the occasional fashion rut, why not set a work uniform for yourself? Think of the clothing pieces you usually grab from your wardrobe and the style you are most comfortable in, especially now that you are pregnant. If you tend to wear dresses, opt for those with an A-line design as these will easily accommodate your growing bump. Throw on a tailored blazer for a more formal look for days when you will be meeting clients, and finish off your look with a pair of pointed toe flats.