When it comes to caring for your hair, there seems to be a plethora of advice available on what you should and should not do to maintain the quality of your precious locks. Is it bad to wash your hair everyday? Is it better to brush your hair when it is dry or wet? How often can you use heat styling tools without causing too much damage to your hair? Should you be protecting your hair from the sun while at the beach?

Plus, it can be extremely confusing when there is so much contrasting advice on the best way to care for your locks. Ask one person and they might swear by the no-shampoo routine, while someone else might be adamant on washing their hair every single day. So how do you know which one is true?

Well, fret not, because we have rounded up a definitive list of the worst things you can do to your hair. Read on to ease all your worries and answer those mind-boggling questions over the right ways you should be caring for your tresses.


Brushing Dry Hair Too Aggressively

Have you ever been so frustrated with your tangled mess of hair that you begin to violently rake through the strands, wishing for the umpteenth time that you had soft and bouncy locks like a Victoria’s Secret model? Well, this is probably not a surprise but aggressively brushing your hair will definitely not help you maintain the quality of your hair at all. In fact, this is a surefire way for you to damage it even more because you will increase the risk of hair breakage.

Dry hair is already more vulnerable to breakage and damage to begin with, so just imagine what would happen when you brush through your tresses too roughly. Even if your hair is not in a tangled shamble, aggressively dry brushing your hair can accidentally pull out your hair from the roots or cause the ends of your hair to break off.

Therefore, the best thing you can do here is to brush your hair right after a shower while it is still wet. The water will provide a slippery texture over your hair, allowing your brush to glide through the strands more smoothly without any obstructions.


Not Using Sun Protection on Your Hair

Yes, even your hair needs to be protected from the sun on days when you will be spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Excessive sun exposure will not only cause damage to your skin but also your scalp too. It can damage your hair cuticle, which can, in turn, lead to weak and brittle strands.

Therefore, before basking yourself under the sun, make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen for your hair to properly protect it from the sun’s rays. And this does not just apply to days at the beach. Whenever you will be outdoors for more than a few minutes, give your hair the required sun protection to minimise its risk of being sunburnt.


Washing Too Often

What constitutes “washing too often” differs for everyone; what is considered overwashing for one person might just be the right frequency for another. It really boils down to the type and texture of your hair. Someone with a thicker mane might find that they have to wash their hair every other day to prevent it from getting greasy and to maintain its cleanliness. On the other hand, for someone with thinner tresses or a less oily scalp, they might be able to get away with washing their hair only two to three times a week.

That being said, the general rule is to limit washing your hair to at least every other day. Any more than this and your shampoo might strip your hair of too much of its natural oils, which will cause your hair to dry out. If the thought of going no-shampoo on some days horrifies you, then use a dry shampoo on days when you are not washing your hair. Dry shampoo is less abrasive than regular shampoo, thus it will not dry out your tresses. Plus, dry shampoo is amazing at soaking up the excess oil from your scalp if you find that your scalp is getting too greasy.


Not Washing Your Hair Enough

Yes, we know. First, we said washing your hair too often can cause damage, and now not washing your hair enough will lead to the same problem too? How do you know what is the right balance then? Unfortunately, this will depend on your own judgment. Just like skincare, haircare takes a lot of trial and error too and finding a washing routine uniquely suitable to your locks will take time and effort on your part.

Now, let’s talk about why washing your hair too little can also lead to damage. Skipping shampoo can lead to an excess buildup of oil on your scalp, which can then affect the growth and strength of your hair. To put this in perspective, would you go a whole week without washing your face at all? You will just end up being left with greasy skin as well as increasing your risk of developing blemishes. The same goes for your hair. It needs to be cleaned to allow both your hair and scalp to remain healthy.