Do your wrists frequently suffer from weakness or injury? Do you find that your productivity at the office is too often hindered by the rate at which you type? Or do you wonder if your colleagues and clients underestimate you because of the force of your handshakes? If so, then, perhaps it is high time for you to get a grip on your grip strength. Too many of us underrate the importance of a strong grip, and yes, even us women could benefit from working on this! That pair of hand grippers you may have spotted a man squeezing a few times before should find its way into yours too. Poor grip strength can adversely affect your quality of life more than many of us realise, especially since we do use our hands for basically every single thing. Here are five key benefits of improving your grip strength, right here, right now.


Greater Grip Strength Is Linked To Lower Health Risks

Let’s start with the big guns. Believe it or not, research indicates that greater grip strength tends to translate into lower health risks. Conversely, a weaker grip is often associated with a higher incidence of major health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, arthritis, as well as certain neurological conditions. This is even truer the older you get, which is why it is so important for you to get into the habit of working on your grip strength as early as possible. It may very well be too late by the time your hair turns completely grey and your joints in your fingers are beyond saving. Invest in a pair of hand grippers now for a better quality of life. Surely you don’t want to live the rest of your life suffering because of something you might have been able to avoid?


Look And Feel More Confident In Your Own Strength

Improved grip strength can also make us look and feel more confident in our strength. When we work on our grip, the force works on the strength of the flexors and extensors in our forearms, making our arms look way more toned. Us women are capable of so much more than we think; we don’t have to be the self-fulfilling prophecy of the waif-like damsel in distress. More of us should own the full potential of our strength and that includes how strong our arms look. It’s high time we start becoming the heroines of our own lives, instead of playing second fiddle to another man, getting their shine. As a plus, a stronger grip strength can keep our body weight from see-sawing since more muscle tends to raise our resting metabolic rate, staving off excess fat from being stored.


Improve Dexterity In Your Fingers

If you still can’t get past the fear of becoming too bulky in your forearms, look at it a different way: working on your grip strength can vastly improve dexterity in your fingers. Consider all the tasks you typically have to fulfil on a daily basis. Even those of you with desk-bound jobs would most certainly benefit from improving your grip strength. In fact, a stronger grip strength can be even more important when you work a desk job since most of them involve computer work. A stronger grip strength can vastly improve your rate of productivity at work since your fingers are able to function much quicker. Much like how musicians can become more skilled the more they work on their finger dexterity using spring-loaded grip tools, you can also become a much more efficient employee at work with improved grip strength and finger dexterity.


Get A Grip On Your Love Life, Or The Lack Thereof

For any men reading this article, this one’s for you. A study has shown that the strength of a man’s grip, in particular, can be a decisive factor when appealing to a prospective partner. Men with much firmer grasps are more likely to be luckier in their love lives. Researchers believe that this correlation is most probably because women have a tendency to prefer stronger-looking men. As previously discussed, a stronger grip can usually be found among those with more powerful-looking forearms since it is highly dependent on the strength of our forearms. So if you find that you haven’t been as lucky in love, you know where to start.


Reduce Chances Of Injury

Still unconvinced? Here’s yet another plus side: increased strength in your grip can prevent odds of an injury. Not only would it help you prevent injuring yourself in your wrists when you exercise, but a stronger grip would also help you carry out even the most mundane of household tasks without hurting yourself. If you’ve once managed to injure yourself while lifting a pot or pan in the kitchen before, this one might strike a chord in you. Take matters into your hands, literally, and work on your grip strength now.