Contrary to belief, shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe. It can be a trusty companion on your overseas escapades, shield your feet from icky mud and rain as well as make or break your outfit. Take attending a formal dinner event as an example. Imagine how it would look like if you wore sneakers with your flowy, ankle-length gown. Or if you wore your shiny new pair of loafers to the beach.

The thing is — like clothes, there are different types of shoes for each occasion. Some shoes like flip-flops are simply not appropriate for formal settings whereas others like rhinestone studded stilettos can make you look overdressed. Hence, it’s no surprise that we sometimes end up getting multiple pairs of shoes in various styles, designs and colours so as to match them with their different outfits. Not to mention that there are also some women who buy shoes, simply because they love it. To these women, shoes are perceived as a long term investment that they can wear many times while showcasing their legs. Hence, they are more willing to spend on high-quality shoes, even if some of their prices are equivalent to a month’s paycheck.

Asides from that, some of us even experience a surge of happiness and adrenaline when buying shoes, thus motivating us to get numerous pairs at once. Sadly, despite our love for shoes, there simply isn’t enough closet space for all of them. In addition, because we have so many shoes to choose from, it can be rather time-consuming to select the right pair to match our outfit.

Also, let’s be honest here — most of us technically only wear like 20% of the shoes in our shoe cupboard. These shoes are our default go-tos for various occasions and we know that we can rely on them for maximum comfort and style. Therefore, it’s time to get rid of the other shoes that you rarely wear for a tidier shoe closet and quicker dressing up process.

Have no idea where to begin? Fret not as we have compiled a list of 5 essential shoes that you should include in your collection that are versatile, trendy and suitable for several occasions.


Meet These All-Rounder Shoes

It can be painful to part with some of your shoes but the trick is to ask yourself a few questions during the decluttering process. Some of the questions include: ‘How frequently do I wear these shoes?’, ‘is there a specific purpose for this shoe?’ and ‘is there any sentimental value attached to this pair of shoes?’. Upon reaching a conclusion to these questions, you can then decide whether to keep or discard that particular pair of shoes.

In addition, to extend the lifespan of your shoes, make sure to store and pack them properly into your shoe rack or cupboard. A tip to preserve the shape of your knee-high boots would be to place a roll of rough paper or unused wrapping paper into it and put your boots in an upright position. As for high heels with intricate three-dimensional designs and accessories, it’s best to put them on top of your cupboard, so as to prevent the details from getting out of shape.

Now that we have covered the decluttering process as well as how to store your shoes, let us move onto which are the shoes that you should include in your collection:

Classic Low Heel Nude Pumps

Nude pumps are a great way to create the illusion of longer legs while seamlessly blending in with the rest of your outfit with its subtle shade. In addition, its low heel base also makes it comfortable to wear and walk around the office, so you don’t have to worry about constantly having to take off your shoes due to your aching feet. Not to mention that you can even wear these pumps out to your after-work outings, making it an extremely versatile piece of footwear.

Chunky Open-Toe Sandals

Add a touch of sophistication to your usual open-toe sandals but opting for a pair with a chunky heel base. They are not only effective at boosting your height but emit a smart casual vibe that is suitable for various occasions, whether be it an outing at the beach or hanging out at a party. However, before wearing these open-toed sandals, you might want to consider getting a pedicure to complete the look as well as remove any unwanted stray strands on your toes.


Sneakers are a cosy and multifunctional type of footwear that can be worn for various types of activities, whether be it going for a hike or doing grocery shopping. As such, it definitely should be included as a staple in your shoe collection.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a safe and reliable option that can be easily coordinated with various outfits. They can be worn for work, gatherings, functions and can be dressed up and down depending on your accompanying outfit. For a tinge of girlish flair and pop of colour, get ballet flats in pastel shades.

Lace-Up Heels

If you love the idea of flaunting your legs, lace-up heels may be just the thing that you are looking for. It not only showcases your stylish personality but has a visually elongating effect, making your legs look longer than they actually are. It is best paired with a mini skirt or shorts and usually comes in elegant yet attention catching designs. However, as wearing these lace-up heels essentially means that your legs and toes will be exposed, perhaps you should consider getting rid of any undesirable body hair around these areas.