Creating an eye makeup look that is attention-grabbing, and well, eye-catching, is relatively easy when you go out sans glasses. However, when you have a pair of frames creating a barrier between your peepers and the world, the task of achieving an eye look that makes your eyes stand out can be a challenge. Glasses with frames that are too thick can cause your eyes to look smaller, the colour of your frames limits the eyeshadow shades you can work with, and long-lashed gals have to deal with their eyelashes being squished against their lenses resulting in smudges of mascara — not a pretty look.


How To Make Your Eyes Pop while Wearing Glasses

But, that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on wearing eye makeup altogether if you don glasses. With the right techniques, creating an eye look that complements your frames and doesn’t make your peepers disappear into oblivion is totally possible. Just check out the following tips on how you can make your eyes pop while wearing glasses:

Brighten Your Eye Area

If you have dark undereye circles, you might have noticed how much the lenses of your glasses emphasise their discolouration even more. This is why concealing your dark circles is even more important when you are wearing glasses. When not concealed, the discolouration will contribute to a dull and sallow appearance of your skin. If your dark circles are pretty severe and concealing them does not hide the darkness completely, apply a colour corrector beforehand to neutralise the undertone of the circles. And don’t just reach for any old shade of colour corrector — the shade you use will depend on the colour of the undertone. If your dark circles have a cool, bluish undertone to them, go for a salmon or peach shade. For those with darker skin tones, you can opt for a more orangey corrector. If your dark circles have a purplish undertone, a yellow colour corrector will do the trick. Once you have colour corrected, follow up with a concealer by applying it in an upside-down triangular shape. Blend gently using a brush or damp makeup sponge, or simply use your finger to press the concealer into your skin.

Adjust Your Eyeliner According To Your Frames

The thickness of the frames of your glasses plays a more important role than you think when it comes to applying your makeup. Take eyeliner, for instance. If you have thick-framed glasses, a thin line along your upper lash line won’t do because it will just get lost in the thickness of your frames. As a general rule, the thicker your frames, the thicker your eyeliner should be as well. This will help to bring out your eyes, making them look bigger against your glasses. If the frames of your glasses are thinner, then a thin line will do to create a softer appearance. Now, when it comes to the style of eyeliner, you can be as creative as you want with it. A winged liner is always a good bet, but we recommend keeping the thickness of the wing relatively thin.

Keep Your Lashes Away From Your Lenses

If you have been blessed with long lashes, the only thing that could ever annoy you about them is probably how they keep grazing or being squished onto the lenses of your glasses. Luckily, there is an easy and quick fix to this: curl your lashes! And, believe it or not, there is a proper way to curl your lashes to ensure they stay curled towards the sky without drooping down soon after. First, place your eyelash curler at the base of your lashes and carefully clamp it. While you are clamping your lashes, simultaneously lift the eyelash curler slightly upwards — this step is important as it will give your lashes that extra lift they need to stay curled for longer.

Intensify Your Liner And Mascara

Wearing glasses can make your eyes lose some definition, especially if your glasses are bigger in size. To prevent your peepers from disappearing behind the lenses, intensify your eye makeup to make them stand out. And we’re not talking about applying extremely colourful eyeshadow or going crazy by extending the wing of your liner for days. Just amp up the makeup slightly by applying a bit more than you would if you were going without glasses. For instance, apply eyeliner along both your upper and lower lash lines, and tightline your eyes as well to create more intensity. Follow this up with a few coats of black mascara on just your upper lashes for a more wide-eyed look.

Complement Your Eyeshadow With The Colour Of Your Frames

If you are in the mood for more colourful eye makeup, consider the colour of your frames when choosing your eyeshadow shades. Opt for a shade lighter than the colour of your frames to apply all over your lids and gradually build up the intensity of the eyeshadow with darker shades. Don’t forget to define your crease as well to help create more definition with an eyeshadow shade darker than the colour of your frames. For bolder eye looks, try to keep a contrast between the shades of your eyeshadow and your frames’ colour. For example, navy or purple eye makeup will stand out well against green-coloured frames. The contrast will definitely make your eyes stand out as well as give you a more youthful appearance. Remember to always top off your eye makeup with mascara and eyeliner to bring the whole look together.