Wearing one colour from head to toe — also known as the monochrome style — is the easiest outfit to put together, but it is certainly one that can be hard to pull off. A failed mix and match of clothing and accessories, and you risk looking like you just made a major fashion faux pas. An all-black outfit, for instance, can make you look like a style powerhouse or someone who just could not be bothered with putting together a decent outfit.


Why You Should Wear Monochrome

For the fashion beginner, wearing a monochrome outfit can seem intimidating, especially when the colour involved is a bright and bold one. However, there are good reasons why you should include the monochrome style in your fashion repertoire.

Firstly, when complemented with clothes that are the right fit for your body type, wearing one colour from head to toe can provide you with a leaner figure. This is particularly so when you know how to use your clothes to accentuate certain parts of your figure while downplaying the parts that you might not be so keen to bring attention to.

Next, whether you opt for a neutral shade of colour or a bold and vibrant one, a monochrome outfit will provide you with a neat and sharp appearance. And finally, with your fashion-forward outfit, you will definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd, particularly if you are clad from head to toe in a bright ensemble.


Your Guide to the Monochrome Style

If the above reasons have got you all excited to raid your wardrobe to put together monochrome outfits, here are some tips to get you started:

Shades of One Colour

The one thing that makes wearing monochrome intimidating is the limit to just one shade of colour from top to bottom. If you are not yet confident enough to stick to just one shade, we suggest combining two or three shades of one colour. For instance, if you are in the mood to wear red, combine a few different shades of red in your outfit rather than just sticking to the standard red colour. If you have a crimson skirt, pick a top in a lighter shade such as coral or salmon. Complete the look with a pair of shoes in magenta or wine. This combination of different shades will make wearing a monochrome outfit less daunting. It will also make it easier for you to put together a monochrome look since it is not very likely you will have a few pieces of clothing in the exact same colour in your wardrobe. In addition, combining different shades will up the interest factor in your outfit.

Mix It Up with Prints

The monochrome style does not necessarily mean sticking to just a solid block of colour. Keep your outfit exciting by including prints in the colour you have chosen. Whether you go for a subtle pattern or a bold and eye-catching one, mixing in prints will make your monochrome outfit look even more compelling. Prints are particularly great if you are wearing a neutral colour from head to toes such as grey, navy and black. They can prevent your outfit from looking dull, especially if there are no other contrasting factors in your outfit such as differing textures, which brings us to the next point.

Play with Textures

Creating contrast is important when you are putting together a monochrome look. Wearing different pieces of clothing in the same fabric can sometimes end up making your outfit look flat and boring, two words that should not be in a fashionista’s dictionary. To prevent this from happening, experiment with different textures in your look. For example, if you chose black as your monochrome colour, pair a black leather skirt with a chiffon buttoned-up shirt. Tuck the shirt in for a neater and more professional look, or throw on a black denim jacket for a casual appearance.

Experiment with Different Shapes

Contrast in a monochrome outfit can also be created by mixing clothing pieces of different fits together. Tailored and oversized clothes within an outfit can complement each other well by helping to create balance. If you are wearing an oversized knitted sweater, pair it with a pair of tapered trousers or a pencil skirt that goes just past your knees. If you have on a pair of wide-legged pants, complement it with a figure-hugging top or a tailored cropped outerwear. This play with different fits will help to create a balanced silhouette and prevent you from looking like you are drowning in one pool of colour.

Have Fun with Accessories

Sticking to just one colour in your outfit means you can go wild with accessories! If you are wearing a muted colour such as white or black, this is the chance for you to get out all of your chunky jewellery. Complete your look with a chunky necklace or a stack of bangles. Adding pops of colour is completely fine here too, especially when you have a neutral, monochrome outfit on. If you have already gone bold in your clothes, stick to more refined jewellery such as a gold necklace with a small pendant, or rings in minimal designs.