What comes to mind when you think of exercise? Is it the constant pounding of your feet against the pavement as you jog your way to completion or the whirring sounds of the stationary exercise bike in the gym while cycling? For some reason, when trying to lose weight, boost stamina or better our health, most of us often turn to running, skipping or working out in a gym as a default method to stay fit.

While this may work well for some exercise fanatics, the idea of having to engage in any of these activities repeatedly may seem like a tedious and mundane task for others. Hence, this results in us either deviating from the usual exercise regimen or putting it off completely. Luckily, with the widespread availability of several unconventional fitness classes, there are many ways in which we can spice up our exercise routine and have fun while achieving our fitness goals.

The trick is to select an activity that interests you and matches your current fitness level so that you feel more motivated to complete it. For instance, if you are new to the world of fitness workouts, it would be best to opt for low impact exercises first rather than jumping straight into a vigorous, high impact and strength-based exercise. This will allow for an easier adjustment period for your body as it gets accustomed to the workout. Most importantly, the main point is to enjoy yourself so that the fitness session doesn’t seem like a chore. With that in mind, here is a list of 6 interesting fitness activities that you should try.


Get Your Body Moving With These Workouts

Given the plethora of fitness activities that are readily accessible to us nowadays, it might be difficult to choose one that is the most suitable to partake in. Therefore, do not be afraid to try out different activities of your liking before making your decision. If budget is a concern, keep a lookout for fitness classes that offer free one-time lesson trials so that you can try out the activity before committing. Alternatively, you can also consider signing up for comprehensive, all-access fitness passes that will allow you to use gym facilities and attend fitness classes at different gyms across the island. Here are some fitness activities to look out for:


Featuring a mixture of ballet, pilates and yoga, ‘Barre’ is a workout that tones and shapes your body with the aim of achieving the long and slender physique of a dancer. It also aids in building muscle strength and stamina through a series of precise, tiny movements that are repeatedly carried out throughout the duration of the class. This can include lunges, pliés, leg lifts and various other movements, all of which can aid in sculpting and toning muscles as well as enhancing your sense of flexibility.

Trampoline Jumping

Although there may be some sceptics with regard to recognizing Trampoline Jumping as a fitness activity, there are several health benefits that can be enjoyed from it. The simple act of bouncing up and down can not only activate your muscles and strengthens them but simultaneously increases the density of the bones. To top it off, trampoline jumping also aids in improving the detoxification process of the body.

Aqua Zumba

Like its traditional counterpart, Aqua Zumba consists of a combination of dance techniques and aerobic exercise. The only difference is that it’s held in the water, where participants experience a lesser gravitational force and thus gentler on the body. However, it’s still very effective on burning calories. Hence, this facilitates an ideal workout environment for people who suffer from back and joint pain as well as for those who wish to cut down on their flab and lose those excess kilograms.

Stand Up Paddling

Are you an avid lover of the sun, sand and waves? If so, Stand Up Paddling might just be the sport for you. Encompassing a fusion of surfing and canoeing, the activity involves having to stand up and balance yourself on a board while paddling through water. As you paddle while standing up, you are not only building your lower back, thighs and arm muscles but honing your balancing ability as well. Plus, you have the added bonus of soaking in the goodness of the waves while toning your body, making it a fun activity indeed!

Aerial Yoga

As per its name, Aerial Yoga is also known as ‘Anti-Gravity Yoga’ is an activity whereby you carry out a series of movements and poses while swinging in a hammock that is suspended from the ceiling. These movements usually contain influences from yoga, acrobatics and pilates and aid in improving your endurance levels, flexibility as well as enhancing your lymphatic flow. With all the inverted movements, twirls and turns while dangling in the air, you will definitely feel like a sense of thrill and excitement.

Power Plate Vibrating

A type of training method whereby squats, lunges and other forms of exercises are done while standing on a vibrating power plate machine, Power Plate Vibrating is an activity that is rising in popularity. Through a series of intense vibrations, your muscles are compelled to contract and relax at a faster rate, hence helping to build core strength, enhance blood flow and improve your sense of balance.