The skin is the largest organ of our body and just like every other part of our body, there are still so much that we do not know about it. From the ultimate fool-proof way to prevent wrinkles and stop outbreaks of acne, to the fastest way of shrinking pesky pores and forestall pigmentation of the skin, there are many things to know to keep the largest organ of your body in tip-top condition. Today, we share the scoop of the 10 skin things that you should know and share tips on how you can decelerate the process of ageing skin. Read on!


1. You Are What You Eat

This adage cannot be proven any truer. Your skin will gain a whole lot more with a healthy diet that includes a variety of vitamins, minerals and fat. Food like berries are famous for forestalling the signs of ageing with the massive load of antioxidants that they ferry, and fruits that are rich in vitamin C can also help lighten scars and pigmentation of the skin. Least to say, a balanced diet that contains protein, calcium, iron and potassium are crucial in maintaining your overall health which, in turn, will boost your skin health and appearance.


2. Water is Key To Hydrated Skin

With the above mentioned, the silly new age version of the old saying advising one to eat glitter to glow is completely nuts. But that does not mean that glowy skin is unattainable. To achieve dewy and translucent skin, drinking sufficient water is one foolproof way to attain so. Not only will staying well-hydrated have you stand a better chance at getting clearer skin, drinking loads of water daily can also help flush out unwanted toxins of your body. The toxins may be the cause of any skin inflammation that you are experiencing right now. Drinking the daily recommended amount of water every day can also stop water retention of your body and eliminate pesky cellulite.

If you find it hard to hit your recommended daily amount of water intake, try getting a large pitcher to place on your work desk so that you are reminded to drink up or a water bottle that you can carry around to sip up any time when you are out and about.


3. Labels Are FYI-s & You Should Read Them

Apart from a healthy diet and active lifestyle, applying skincare products is another way to maintain and improve your skin’s condition and health. Hence, it is important to read the list of ingredients in the products. Look out for any product that contains “Glycols” or “PEGS,” as they contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin. It is best to avoid them at all cost.

Instead, look out for vitamins that are suited for your skin type and age to nourish your skin in the best possible way. Vitamin A, B3, B5, C, D, E & K are great essentials to start with that includes antioxidants. Pair it with an omega-3 oil riched product and you are all set to glow!


4. Botanicals Are Great, But…

Botanicals, a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal or therapeutic properties and/or scents, can be wonderful when included in skin care products. However, to ensure that they deliver their promises, it is only wise to ensure that the claimed botanical can be identified by the naked eye. For example, if a product supposedly contains beta-carotene to improve your skin condition, it should have a pink to orange tinge to the serum or cream. This is because botanicals have a natural colour and are rarely transparent or white. Thus, if the product you are using claims to have botanicals in it and it is white in colour or transparent, you should stop using it. The only way that skincare products can be white in colour is by the means of chemicals.


5. Massages Are Not Only For Relaxation

Apart from relieving tension and easing tight knots of your limbs and back, massages can help stimulate the cell production of fibroblasts in the skin to release collagen and restore elasticity that is lost as we age. Great tools like a roller massager (think jade rollers!) or a simple gua sha tool can do the trick if you plan to do it yourself. A brush that helps you exfoliate dead skin cells, rid cellulite and unwanted black and whiteheads can also be your best pal for this. Least to say, a trip to the spa is the perfect reason to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your skin at the same time.


6. You are Never Too Young

Did you know that your skin is already ageing when you hit your early 20s and that at the young age of 20, you lose collagen at the same rate as you will at 40? Bet you did not know that! To take the best precaution and forestall premature ageing, apart from going in with full strength product to delay collagen loss and all the other signs of ageing, it is only wise to ensure that you get products that suit your skin type be it oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Alternative, you can always load up on supplements and natural foods that are steeped in vitamins, omega fatty acids and antioxidants that will fend off harmful free-radicals in your body. Berries and nuts are definitely top on our lists for achieving glowy, youthful skin.