You’re sitting at your office desk, far from feeling like a fully-functional human being and more like a zombie from the movies. Your coffee mug is empty by now so you’ve met your daily quota of caffeine. And yet, you’ve managed to get absolutely nothing done from your work pile for the last few hours since clocking into the office. To make matters worse, the exact same thing happened to you just the day before, and you ended up taking work back home. It then ate into the hours meant for bedtime, leaving you with a paltry few hours of sleep. This morning, you were forced to spend a few extra minutes to conceal under eye dark circles.


Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is often treated as a sin by those on a diet but you can rest a little easy when it comes to dark chocolate. Unlike its milkier counterpart, dark chocolate offers you an energy boost, thanks to its high content of a stimulant known as theobromine, without the health risks that come with excess sugar. Keep a few large bars of dark chocolate with at least 75% cocoa levels on your desk for you to break off from the next time you need a little bit more of a push at work.


Matcha Cookies

Love baking? Try baking your very own homemade matcha cookies over the weekend and bringing a whole jarful of them to the office. Matcha in these cookies contains more caffeine than regular green tea and yet is less likely to give you the jitters the way that coffee does. This could be due to the relaxing effect of amino acids known as L-theanine, a natural balancing force against the side effects of caffeine. The best part about making them from scratch is that you can keep them as healthy as possible by minimising its sugar content. Use a combination of almond and coconut flour, rather than plain flour made from refined carbohydrates.


Dried Apricots

Your tiredness may also be due to more than simply insufficient sleep. One of the common symptoms of iron deficiency is also fatigue. Without enough iron, there will be fewer fully functional haemoglobin in your red blood cells to carry oxygen to the rest of your body, which may affect your energy levels. If you know that you struggle to meet the recommended daily intake of iron, try snacking on dried apricots. Most dried fruits have longer shelf lives than their fresh counterparts and are just as excellent sources of iron, making them perfect office snacks. However, take care to avoid dried apricots prepared with additional sugar during the manufacturing process if you’re watching your diet. You can make sure of this by checking the labels before adding any of them to your grocery basket.


Wasabi Peas

Indulge in some wasabi peas if you’re getting a little desperate. Sometimes, you need something with that extra kick to get your brain into gear and wasabi peas have just enough spiciness to snap you out of that fog. Green peas, from which wasabi peas are made, are also high in protein, which digest more slowly, releasing energy just gradually enough to keep you going. Do note that commercially sold wasabi peas are often calorie-dense and may be a step backwards for anyone on a diet. However, they should be fine as long as you eat them in moderation.


Anything With Honey

Have you got a sweet tooth? Try bringing along some honey to the office. Unlike regular sugar, honey releases energy more slowly since it is low on the glycaemic index. Honey is versatile, making it easy for you to eat with some whole wheat biscuits or yoghurt. You can also add honey to your mug of tea the next time you make use of the tea supply in your office pantry.



Although fresh fruits tend to have very short shelf lives, make an exception for bananas. These fruits are perfect energy boosters due to its high natural sugar content. Better yet, bananas are excellent sources of vitamin C, particularly essential for keeping your immunity up since it tends to lower whenever you struggle to get enough sleep. Furthermore, their high potassium content helps to prevent potassium deficiency, which may cause you to struggle to focus on your work.


Stay Hydrated

Finally, keep yourself hydrated at all times! Water may not necessarily be a snack per se, but its effectiveness at keeping you alert in the office cannot be overstated, especially if you work in an air-conditioned room. One of the major signs of dehydration is fatigue, and it can be all too easy to forget to drink when you’re desk-bound and struggling to complete your tasks. Bring along your own bottle to remind yourself to drink more often! A pretty bottle may even give you that additional motivation to stay hydrated.