There is copious research to show that sleep is restorative and rejuvenating. To get a better night’s sleep, we have also been told to lay on freshly laundered bed linens and to go for breathable, preferably organic, cotton sheets. And let’s not forget the high thread count.

The evidence is clear that when we get our nightly zzzs, we are also literally getting some essential beauty sleep. When we have prolonged periods of poor sleep, our body starts to fall apart.

But did you know that you can also boost your beauty rest with one easy and affordable change? in order to wake up looking and feeling like royalty (or a celebrity), swap out your cotton pillowcases for a luxurious satin one. Here are 7 highly persuasive reasons to do so.


Baby Smooth

Have you ever woken up after a truly deep sleep on your very comfortable cotton pillowcase? Then you drag yourself over to the bathroom sink to brush your teeth, only to find that you have those dreaded wrinkles aka sleep lines on one side of your face?

Well, if you slept on a satin pillow instead, your face would slide over the pillow as you move and turn through the night, rather than remain pressed into the wrinkly cotton sheets. And the worst part? These crease lines that you get on your face will inevitably lead to full-blown wrinkles over time. So why not make a shift to satin to retain your youthful visage for longer!


Soft as Silk

Are you suffering from dry skin? If you are, sleeping on a satin pillowcase may help. Cotton has the effect of absorbing the natural oils that your skin produces, which can leave your skin feeling parched and dry in the mornings. Satin, on the other hand, doesn’t absorb as much, and can therefore help your skin to retain moisture throughout the night and leaving your face looking plump and soft the morning after.


Frizz Away

Just as cotton may dry your skin, it can also do the same to your hair. If you’re wondering why you wake up with dull and frizzy locks in the morning, the problem may actually be your cotton pillowcase. Try a pretty satin pillowcase, which doesn’t take moisture away from your hair and see if you start to see more good hair days than bad ones!


Stronger Hair Shafts

Cotton pillowcases can create friction with your hair and that can lead to damage, and potentially even hair breakage. Yikes. No one wants that, obviously, and the smooth satin cases will help to reduce friction to a minimum, which means less chance of hair breakage.

On the plus side, that also means longer breaks between visits to the hairdresser to trim off your split ends and dollars saved!


Keep Your Hair

This is significant information for those who have to spend a lot of time in bed either due to an illness or for any other reason. If you are on your bed a lot and you hair is constantly brushing up against the cotton pillowcase, that is a very strong likelihood that you may lose hair from all that constant friction. As a matter of fact, satin pillowcases are so effective for preventing loss of hair that even some doctors are recommending it to those who are bedridden.


Make Your Blowout Last

Don’t you just love how gorgeous your hair looks after a visit to the salon? Every hair in its proper place. With a satin pillowcase, you can make that blowout last beyond a day. Unlike cotton cases, your hairdo is less likely to get twisted and tangled up in knots. In fact, they’ll just be sliding freely and loosely over the stain so you are more likely to wake up with an extra day to enjoy that awesome blowout.


Lush Up Your Lashes

It’s not just the hair on the top of your head that can do with some gentle treatment from satin pillowcases. Your eyelashes and eyebrows could apparently use some TLC as well. The same rubbing motion with cotton that can cause damage to your hair could also potentially lead to the shedding of your eyelashes and thinning of your brows. So why not give satin pillowcases a real shot? Your face, hair, lashes and brows may thank you!


Still Holding Out?

Are you still not convinced that satin pillowcases can make all the difference? Or do you simply love the feel of cotton too much to give it up? We get it. Perhaps you can have the best of both worlds for a bit. Keep your cotton pillowcases for now, and instead, try to loosely wrap your hair up in a satin scarf at bedtime and see if you wake up to better hair in the morning.

If you do, you may just want to transition fully to satin cases so that your face can also enjoy the same youth-restoring benefits of satin!