In the past, there might have been times when you have ended up with overripe fruits that you were ultimately forced to discard. Perhaps you overestimated how much fruit you needed for the week or perhaps everyone else in the family hates fruits. Regardless of your reasons, it’s such a waste, though, isn’t it? Food wastage is a major global issue and Singapore is no different.

According to the National Environment Agency, nearly 800,000 tonnes of food was discarded by Singaporeans in a single year. This figure obviously includes more than just fruits, but they’re the perfect place to start. Overripe fruits aren’t always a lost cause, even if you don’t feel like eating them as they are. You can still use them in other ways — here are seven of them.


Fry Up Some Fritters With Overripe Bananas

When you’ve got a well-stocked pantry, overripe bananas are some of the simplest fruits to use up. Just fry them up and treat yourself to some banana fritters! As a great natural source of energy, bananas are full of nutrients that can empower your day and even preserve your youthful visage. You can fry them according to your own tastes. Alternatively, you could also make some banana pancakes and use coconut oil sparingly for a healthier option.


Jumble It Up Into Jam

Here’s something that might totally blow your mind: with overripe fruits, you might not have to cough up an extra cent to buy premade jam anymore. If you’ve got a whole bunch of extra overripe strawberries, raspberries, or good ol’ grapes, you can make your own jam. You won’t even have to be as skilled as a Michelin-star chef! Just mash them up in a bowl, throw it in a saucepan, season it with some sugar, and add a bit of lemon juice to set it. Don’t forget to prepare a suitable container to store your homemade jam.


Pop It Into The Freezer To Make Popsicles

Cool yourself in sweltering hot Singapore with some icy overripe fruit popsicles. What’s great about this sweet idea is that you can combine more than one type of fruit to make your own perfect blend of fruity popsicles. If you had no reason to use the blender that’s been sitting in the back of your kitchen cabinet, you’ve got one now.


Please Your Palate With Some Pie

If you’ve got time on your hands, use the overripe fruits to bake some pie. This one might require just a little bit more skill in the kitchen, but they’re worth taking the time to learn. Even the picky little ones who stubbornly refuse to eat fruits might be tempted to give them a try. Still, if you’re quite the novice, why not take the opportunity to spend time with a loved one who knows a thing or two about baking? It’s the perfect activity to do with an old friend or cousin who you haven’t had the chance to catch up with lately.


Simmer It Into A Sauce

With overripe fruits, stress over meal ideas no more. These fruits are perfect for sauces. Take fruits such as tomatoes (yes, they’re fruits!) for instance. You can’t use overripe tomatoes for sandwiches, but before they turn rotten, they can still be used to make pasta sauce.

Even if you don’t quite feel like eating pasta when this happens, you can easily store this in the freezer for later use. All you need to do is defrost the required amount in a saucepan whenever you’re in the mood for some. Properly maintained, most tomato-based pasta sauces can even be stored for approximately 4 to 6 months. You won’t have to buy those jars of sauce from the supermarket anymore!


Drizzle Your Own Salad Dressing

Overripe fruits may look rather unappetising, and even downright ugly, but there’s another trick for that: blend ‘em up and you’ll get salad dressing. As long as they’re not rotten, all you need to do is add this blend to a combination of olive oil, herbs, some seasoning, and vinegar. Now, you can drizzle your own homemade salad dressing to all your salads. This is an easy way to get your daily dose of dietary fibre, keeping your finicky gut healthy and ironclad. The older we are, the weaker our gut tends to be, which makes it even more important for us to safeguard it with fibre. Just don’t make these salad mistakes, though.


Celebrate A Simple Life With Sorbet

No popsicle moulds? Make some sorbet, instead. Most sorbet recipes only call for your fruit of choice, some sugar, and water.

Start by combining the sugar and water in a saucepan before stirring the mixture over medium heat. Ensure that the sugar is completely dissolved and bring the syrup to boil. Once that’s done, allow the syrup to cool before transferring it into a container that you can place in your fridge. Now, grab your overripe fruits, puree until smooth, and blend this with the syrup. Store this sweet concoction in a freezer and you’ve got homemade sorbet. Alternatively, you can even skip the syrup and rely on the natural sugars that are present in the fruits.