We all know by now that humidity is not our best friend when it comes to makeup and hair. Not to mention, it can also wreak havoc on our skin. Greasy skin, unwanted blemishes, enlarged pores, and flat hair – need we say more? But, you could still look flawless all day even in the sweltering hot weather. How? Here are 8 humidity hacks to incorporate in your daily beauty routine to maintain a fresh complexion all day.


Use A Primer

If the first thought that comes into your mind about primers is “gimmicky”, you might want to reconsider. While it is easy to assume that primers don’t work, the fact is that they work wonders for your makeup in a hot and humid climate. If your skin typically gets oily easily or you have enlarged pores, you might want to use a primer as a base before your makeup. This will help you to minimise your pores’ appearance and allow your makeup to stay all day long.


Set Your Makeup

A makeup primer and setting spray go hand in hand in making sure that your look stays in place throughout the day. For added assurance, you might want to invest in a quality setting spray too. Just a couple of spritzes will go a long way in ensuring that your look looks fresh and luminous for hours on end. If a setting spray isn’t your thing, locking in your makeup with a loose powder works too! Simply dust some lightly along the oil-prone areas of your visage, mainly along the T zone, chin, and forehead, and you are good to go.


Rinse With Cool Water

As you cleanse your face, make sure to give it a rinse with cold water instead of hot water. As hot water can open up your pores, avoiding it would be for the best if you want to look good. Aside from providing soothing relief for your visage in the heat, cold water also keeps the pores tight and less visible.


Go Light

Keep your makeup from creasing and caking up in the hot weather by going light with your makeup. Use a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturiser instead of piling on a full face routine. As humidity can cause your makeup to slip and slide from the grease and sweat, opting for lesser makeup is your best option to not look like an oil spill during the middle of the day. On the other hand, minimising the usage of rich skincare products like creams and heavy lotions can also help in reducing oil and shine on your complexion – save those for your night-time regimen.


Have A Mist Ready

If your skin gets oily easily, you might want to have a facial mist handy in your bag to refresh your complexion throughout the day. Besides, the cooling spritz of moisture can help to tighten up your pores and keep shine at bay for a refreshed visage, any time and anywhere. Just close your eyes and spritz it on at arm’s length from your face to feel revitalised and all freshened up.


Waterproof It

If primers are not enough to lock your makeup in place, you might want to look towards heavy-duty, waterproof makeup products. Especially if your eyelids belong on the oilier side, you should totally invest in waterproof eyeliners and mascaras to keep them from smudging or smearing in the humid weather. Likewise, if you can’t live without heavy coverage foundations, consider waterproof and sebum-resistant formulas to ward off the greasy effects of humidity and heat. However, do remember to remove your makeup thoroughly at night by double cleansing, as the thicker formulas in waterproof makeup may require extra effort to be removed.


Blot, Blot, Blot

Instead of touching up with powder and caking it on throughout the day, have blotting papers in your makeup kit to keep shine at bay. It can be tempting to reach for your compact powder to touch up your makeup when you get all sweaty, but avoid piling all that makeup on the layer of grime to prevent unwanted breakouts. Moreover, constantly reapplying on powder on your face can clog up your pores and make your complexion look flat. To ensure that your makeup looks fresh and gorgeous, blot out the excess oil first and spritz on some hydrating facial mist. Your pores will definitely thank you for that.


Pat Hair Dry

Tired of unmanageable, frizzy hair in the humid weather? You can actually prevent this by showering with cool water. By dousing your hair and roots with cold water, it will help to tighten up your hair follicles, which in turn, enhances shine and manageability. After washing your hair, don’t forget to pat it dry instead of rubbing it with a towel. This will help to prevent your locks from fluffing up and tame frizziness throughout the day.