Feeling 30 and thriving, but your skin sure doesn’t feel that way? Not to worry because you are not alone. Navigating the realm of skincare can be tricky and not to mention confusing, especially when your skin isn’t just what it used to be in your 20s. Sad but unfortunately true, more efforts need to be made to fortify your skin barriers and restore that youthful glow back into your complexion. To help you achieve a perfect visage, here are 8 skincare commandments that you could consider incorporating into your daily beauty regimen.


Hydrating Is Key

Ever wondered how A-list celebrities maintain their flawless skin? Well, the secret actually lies within keeping your skin hydrated. Following the CTM technique, which most beauty icons and professionals swear by, can help to rejuvenate your complexion and turn back the clock on your skin. So, what is the highly-raved CTM technique all about? Known as the Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising technique, it is the ideal order that one should apply their skincare products to keep the skin looking smooth and supple. Besides, ensuring that the skin is hydrated can improve collagen production within the dermis and keep fine lines at bay.


Look Towards Antioxidants

In your 30s and beyond, your skin will need some extra TLC to retain its youth as your collagen and elastin production begins to dip. To slow down the ageing process of your precious skin, do consider using skincare products that are formulated with antioxidant-rich ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and niacinamide. These will help to protect your skin from premature ageing by kickstarting the collagen production within the skin and boosting elasticity, which ultimately leaves your skin smooth, glowing and softer than ever.


Maintain A Good Diet

You are indeed what you eat, so maintaining a well-balanced diet is vital in transforming your skin from the inside and out. Aside from looking for antioxidant-rich ingredients in your skincare essentials, you should also incorporate anti-ageing superfood such as avocado, spinach and berries within your weekly meal plans. Aside from ridding your body of toxins and free radicals, regular consumption of fruits, vegetables and supplements can boost collagen production and keep your complexion looking healthy.


Get A Good Stretch

While it is good to get a HIIT workout every now and then to stimulate blood circulation for a youthful glow, just a brisk walk every day can do your skin some good. You don’t have to go on a full-on fitness training program, but exercising on a regular basis can help to nourish your blood cells and clear up skin-harming toxins from your system. If cardio isn’t your thing, you could also take on yoga or pilates to get a good stretch and keep fit. There are several health benefits of working out regularly, and one of that is keeping stress levels down to prevent cortisol from wreaking havoc on your skin.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Acids

It can be intimidating to incorporate acids in your skincare routine, but taking the leap of faith can work wonders for your skin – but only after you have consulted a skincare professional to make sure that it is suitable for your skin type. Acids, such as Ascorbic and L-ascorbic acid, can provide your skin with a surge of antioxidant-rich nutrients to nourish your complexion intensely during the day. As it is beneficial to have a night-time skincare routine to further fortify your skin as you get your beauty sleep, do consider using Alpha-Hydroxy acids to repair your skin cells and enhance skin renewal.


Never, Ever Skip Sunscreen

Skipping out on sunscreen is one bad habit that accelerates ageing, which you certainly want to avoid. Besides, sunscreen is essential at any age to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Look towards sunscreens that consist of more than SPF 30 to ensure that your skin receives a strong layer of protection against sun spots, premature wrinkles and fine lines, as well as skin cancer. Loading up on sunscreen can also eliminate free radicals, which are the main culprits behind oxidative damage and the breakdown of collagen production. To keep your skin looking youthful for as long as possible, remember to apply sunscreen religiously every single day!


Indulge In Facials

Treating your skin to an anti-ageing facial at least once a month can help to keep your skin in tip-top condition. Besides, your skin will require more care and nourishment when you are in your 30s, and a facial can allow you to achieve just that. On top of that, regular facials also serve as an opportunity to check in with a beauty professional on whether your skincare products are doing their job in revitalising your complexion.


Eye Cream Is Your Savior

To get rid of the dreaded crow’s feet and sallowness around the eyes, investing in a quality eye cream is the best decision you can make in your 30s. A rich eye cream can help to minimise the appearance of those unsightly fine lines and at the same time, keep those pesky dark undereye circles away. As your eyes are where the first signs of ageing start to surface, applying a firming eye cream every day and night can really go a long way in defying the ageing process.