Regardless of your attempts in getting rid of your body and facial hair, it keeps coming back and it seems like each time it does, it returns with a vengeance.

Having body is totally fine, natural and absolutely nothing unnatural about it, but if you are a fan of silky, smooth, fresh looking skin, then you would have started researching on some hair removal methods, products, salons and boutiques.

From waxing to IPL, some of these hair removal procedures are able to effectively get rid of your hair for a long time before it grows back, leaving you with smooth and silky skin for months on end.

As modern beauty standards prize baby-like skin and complexion, there has been an increasing number of individuals who have decided to get rid of the naturally-occurring hair our legs, chest (for men), underarms and even the nether regions. For some, even the hair on the toes and fingers are not spared. Apart from women, men have also started entering into the hairless society by waxing their underarms and even chest hair.’

For those who suffer from body odour, removing hair from areas like the underarms and chest can help to reduce the intensity, since there is less catchment for sweat and bacteria.

If you are contemplating whether to visit a beauty salon or boutique to remove hair from your body, keep reading this article as we will be sharing some body hair removal tips and the things you should take note of when removing hair from your body.


Body Hair Removal Tips

Before taking the plunge to remove hair from your body and legs, it is important to know some hair removal methods, benefits and expectations of it. Some common hair removal methods include shaving, waxing, laser, IPL, just to name a few.

For individuals who have been consistently shaving, you should consider a fixed comb length, trim the hair before shaving, shower to soften the hair, lather with a shave gel and shave with light, gentle strokes. When shaving, always remember to rinse your blades often and be careful of areas around your nipples. If you are shaving the same spot, consider re-applying the shaving as you deem fit. After which, rinse, dry and moisturize it.

Methods such as lasering, IPL and waxing are longer-term solutions that will eliminate hair for months but will take several treatments in order to see optimal results.


Things You Should Take Note Of When Removing Hair

1. Some Results Cannot Be Reversed for a Long Time

If you have yet to undergo a hair treatment procedure, it is good for you to understand that the results are not quickly reversed. While it’s pretty much inconsequential if your target areas are the underarms, chest, and legs, it is not quite for brows and pubic regions. Therefore, be sure that you are 100% certain before deciding to remove hair from any of your body parts. On a more reassuring note, permanent hair removal is considered more effective compared to shaving. Shaving leaves you with unwanted razor bumps and ingrown hairs, especially since men tend to have thicker and coarser hair. Some hair removal treatments can not only remove hair seamlessly but also help to make the hair finer and lighter in colour too.

2. Areas Or Types Of Hair It Works Best On

We are all made different, and this applies to body hair for men and women. For men, the chest, stomach, back, shoulders, underarms are areas of persistent hair issues while women have theirs at their underarms, on the legs and bikini line. People with darker skin tones, as compared to their lighter counterparts, will find their results with lasers more effective as lasers have a tougher time zapping the pigment out of blonde or white hair.

3. More Ingrown Hairs May Occur

For individuals who have ingrown hairs around their legs or bodies, it may be caused by hair that does not correctly grow out of its follicle. Instead, the hair grows back into the skin, causing you to feel irritation. Reason for ingrown hairs to occur is due to the ingrown hair becoming weaker, which results in an inability to break through the skin. However, this problem can be treated and prevented. To prevent ingrown hairs from occurring, consider exfoliating gently to prevent ingrown hairs as it reduces any friction or damage.

4. Avoid Drinking Caffeine Before Your Hair Removal Session

If you usually arrange your hair removal session during the weekends, consider avoiding a cup of coffee as caffeine can actually make the skin feel less painful. To avoid feeling such pain, you should steer clear of any caffeine at least 24 hours prior to your hair removal session. In fact, having too much caffeine or coffee on an empty stomach can leave you feeling shaky. Though it will not prove too much of an issue when you are sitting down in an office, it may cause some difficulty for your therapist. Consider skipping your morning coffee altogether or treat yourself to the coffee fix after your treatment.