You have most likely heard of hairstyles that suit your face shape, but have you heard of where to part your hair to emphasise or downplay certain features of your face? Yes, that’s right. Even hair partings can make a huge difference in how you look, and finding one that suits your face can help to flatter your appearance in the best way possible.


Do You Know Your Face Shape?

Before we go into the different hair partings for each face shape, you have to first figure out what face shape you have. If you already know, that’s great! If you have no idea, station yourself in front of the mirror and run through our guide below to determine the shape of your face.

  • Round: sides of face curve outwards with the widest part being the cheekbones
  • Square: sides of the face are straight, angled jawline, roughly of equal length and width
  • Heart: pointed chin with the widest part being the forehead
  • Diamond: pointed chin with high cheekbones, narrow hairline
  • Oval: curved chin with a slightly wider forehead
  • Oblong: almost rectangular, with forehead, cheeks and jawline having similar width


Which Hair Parting Should You Go For?

Now that you have figured out your face shape, let’s get to a hair parting suitable for you. While the location of your hair parting might seem trivial, it can make a huge difference to your appearance. If you have ever tried changing your parting after years of sticking to the same one, you’d know the change it can make to your hair and overall appearance. This hair hack is a good one for when you just don’t have the time to get a haircut or indulge in a blow dry to give your hair a refresh.

Now, let’s get started on the hair parting that will complement your face shape:

Round Shape

A deep side parting will look great on a round face shape as it will help to balance out the overall curves of the face. Coupled with a hairstyle made up of messy layers, it will tone down the roundness and provide a slimmer-looking face. Just make sure to not go overboard with the layers — you need just enough around the perimeters of your face to soften the curves. To create a more elongated appearance to a round face shape, add more volume to the top of your head or opt for medium length bangs that end around the jawline. If you have gone for a deep hair parting, side-swept bangs will create more angles to your face. A middle hair parting will look great with bangs too as the centre parting will bring the eyes to the middle of your face rather than the round curves.

Square Shape

To soften the sharp angles of a square-shaped face, go for a side parting, but don’t create too deep a parting as this will end up emphasising the angles of the face instead. Just like a round-shaped face, square-shaped faces can benefit from side-swept bangs too. But, rather than taking the bangs all the way to the jawline, keep their length just slightly past your cheeks. In addition, stay away from bangs that are too thick because this can add more intensity to the face. Keep the bangs soft and wispy instead.

Heart Shape

The pointy chin of a heart-shaped face can seem stark in contrast to the other facial features, so to create a bit of softness, opt for a deep side parting. This will take the eye away from the middle part of the face, diverting the attention away from the pointy chin. If you want to showcase the sharp jawline of your heart-shaped face, leave the heavier side of your hair loose while tucking in the other side behind your ear. If you can’t part your hair to deep to the side due to your widow’s peak (a feature some heart-shaped faces have), then you can try to aim for a slightly off-centre parting to create a bit of volume on one side.

Diamond Shape

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you can choose a hair parting that will either accentuate your high cheekbones and pointy chin or tone down those features. Opt for a middle parting if you wish to emphasise your cheekbones and chin. To create a bit of softness, add some waves to the front section of your hair and frame it around your face to offset the curves of your cheekbones. If you want to tone down your cheekbones and chin even more, go for a deep side parting.

Oval Shape

If you have an oval-shaped face, feel free to do whatever you wish because practically every hair parting will suit your face shape (lucky you!). Oval-shaped faces tend to look great in any hairstyle too, so experiment all you want with different styles and partings, from long, wavy hair with bangs to cute pixie cuts. Another alternative is to make your parting look as effortless as possible. If it is sitting off-centre, leave it be. If you want to part it to the side, just brush your hair over and give yourself a naturally messy, bedhead look.

Oblong Shape

The long length of oblong-shaped faces will benefit from a middle hair parting as it will add some roundness to the face. Add some bangs — keep them long enough that they just graze your brows — to shorten the length of the face. Layers will also help to emphasise the best feature of an oblong-shaped face: a strong jawline.