Can you figure out the reason for your consistent weight gain? Have you always been snacking in between the day and night? Unfortunately, your snacking habits, in particular, the type of snacks that may be the root cause of your problem. The drawbacks of snacking, in particular, the wrong snacks prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals. In fact, snacking, in particular, the right type of snacks can curb your hunger pangs and prevent overeating. Snacking also provides you with all the necessary nutrients that your body requires. On the contrary, grazing throughout the day may result in overeating especially when you consume foods that have little nutritional value.

Indeed there are snacks that can contribute to weight gain and you may end up with belly fat as you continue this poor habit of snacking for a prolonged period. Some examples of poor snacks include peanut butter, cereals, certain sushi and snack bars (yes, even the ‘healthy’ ones). Although these snacks are convenient, they are high in calories and could be one of the main contributors to belly fat. For the vast majority of individuals, belly fat does not look great on us, can be a sign of dangerous health concerns and even send us scrambling for various weight loss methods like dieting and exercising. As a matter of fact, the hectic modern day lifestyle results in our expanding midsections.

Want to get a slim waistline without having to give up on snacking? Continue reading on to find out some healthy and weight loss friendly snacks that you can add to your diet. Here are some healthy snacking inspirations that can keep the fats away and achieve that desired waistline of yours in no time!


Understanding Snacking

Snacking is for everyone including adults as it is not solely limited to kids. Snacking during the day helps to ensure that your energy tank is full, boosts metabolism, and prevents the likelihood of overeating during meals. However, a strategic diet consisting of what you eat, when you eat, and how much you decide to eat is crucial in whether you end up putting on those extra pounds.

Shopping for snacks at the local supermarket or grocery store and packing them for work is also a great idea as it keeps you prepared when hunger looms in. When choosing your snacks, go for a snack that has protein, fat or fibre as these nutrients take a longer time to digest, so it fills you up for a longer period of time. Additionally, snacks are a great way of adding extra nutrition to your day. Consider snacks such as carrots and hummus, whole-grain crackers with cheese spread, apple with almond butter spread, etc. to get you through the day.

When an evening snack is a concern, the majority of us turn to unhealthy night-time snack options such as ice cream and chips instead of yoghurt and fruits. However, this is not to say that you cannot reward yourself with a treat after dinner. If you always end up feeling hunger after your dinner, it is important to ensure that your meals consist of filling, healthy foods and you are getting sufficient food. At times, you may be legitimately hungry and reach out for an evening snack as you only nibble on a lacklustre salad. Therefore, consider serving yourself with a healthy portion of healthy snacks that we will be sharing with later so that you do not end up scooping straight out of a container.


Healthy Snack Tips For Weight Loss

1. Mixed Nuts

One of the best and ideal snack is nuts! Rich in nutrition, nuts are linked to a reduction in risks of developing heart diseases, helps in preventing certain cancers, depression and other diseases. Even though it is considered to be somewhat high in fat, they are actually very filling and eating it in moderate amounts can help in weight loss. Furthermore, nuts have the perfect balance of protein, fibre and healthy fats with an average of approximately 180 calories (28 grams) in a 1 oz serving. Besides, mixed nuts do not require any refrigeration and taste great at the same time so they are one of your best travel companions!

2. Greek Yogurt And Mixed Berries

For a sumptuous, nutrient-dense snack, consider a plain greek yoghurt coupled with mixed berries. Besides being a great source of potassium and calcium, Greek yoghurt is also rich in protein. For the best antioxidants in town, consider berries as it contains a great variety of antioxidants if a mixture of different coloured berries is consumed. Consider 100 grams of plain full-fat Greek yoghurt mixed with half a cup of mixed berries that provides you with about 10 grams of proteins and lesser than 150 worth of calories.