Everyone longs to look younger, beautiful and slim, but not everyone is able to tick and match all the boxes. As we age, our skin will become rougher and slacker due to the loss of elastic tissue in the skin, transparent as a result of thinning of the epidermis and more. Furthermore, the complexion of our skin is affected by the harsh weather, sunlight, diet and lifestyle. Like it or not, our physical appearance from the way we dress and look will form an impression to others. Our physical appearance is also an indication of the health of our skin, where an individual who exercises regularly will appear to be more energetic, have glowy skin due to the flushing of toxins, increased in blood circulation and more.

Living in the modern world today, we tend to make poorer food choices and have meals later than usual due to the long hours at work, where we will opt for fast foods and others. In turn, our hectic lifestyles will disrupt our normal circadian rhythm as we sleep and eat at irregular timings. Additionally, a lack of exercise causes us to gain weight and make us look visibly tired due to the long hours at work.

Exercising helps you turn back the clock. Regular exercise helps you to reduce the risks of developing health problems such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and promotes mental well-being, stronger bones. At the same time, regular exercise helps to bring out your inner beauty as it will keep your weight down and help you get chiselled, toned body and face.

Wondering about the benefits of being active and how it contributes to healthy, radiant skin? In this article, we will be discussing the different types of exercises for you to achieve healthy-looking skin and to understand the effects of ageing on your skin.


The Effects Of Ageing On Your Skin

Both men and women are susceptible to the effects of ageing. However, you can reverse the effects of ageing on your skin with regular exercise. Besides improving your heart, lungs and mental outlook, physical activity also contributes to the health and vitality of your skin.

With regular exercise, you can increase your blood flow, nourish your skin cells and keep them vital. By increasing the flow of blood, working cells in the body, as well as your skin, receives oxygen and nutrients. Additionally, the flow of blood helps to carry away waste products, including free radicals from working cells and flushes out cellular debris from your system.

Everyone, from all walks of life, has experienced stress in one form or another. Therefore, it is important to find a way to relieve stress. While some resort to drinking or hanging out with their friends, one of the most effective ways to relieve stress is by exercising. Some effective exercising methods are running, swimming, or the popular high-intensity interval training (HIIT), all these can help to reduce stress levels and improve skin conditions such as acne, eczema and others. In fact, there is a correlation between stress and skin as your sebaceous glands, where your stress hormones will influence the oil produced from your skin. However, toning of your muscles is probably the biggest benefit that you get from regular exercising.


Exercising Tips To Achieve Radiant-Looking Skin

1. Yoga

Rich in history, it is only in the past couple of decades or so that the benefits of yoga have received the recognition it deserves. A mind-body practice, yoga has plenty of health and mental benefits. Not only does yoga helps to relax the mind, body and soul, but it also tones and your body and produces glowing skin. Yoga also helps to reduce your stress levels, lower blood pressure and heart rate. There are many forms of yoga and they come in a series of movements for the purpose of increasing strength and flexibility. The poses also range from lying on the floor to stretching to your physical limits, which may even cause you to break a sweat at times. Regardless of the type of yoga you practice, it is not necessary for you to do every pose.

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

A recent phenomenon, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has received plenty of attention and rave reviews as it allows individuals to squeeze in a workout during their busy schedule. Furthermore, this super-efficient workout is known to achieve more progress in the shortest amount of time, which can be as short as a 15-minute workout. With that said, do not underestimate the effects of it. A HIIT workout makes you burn more fat and calories in a short span of time, strengthens your heart, increases your metabolism and more importantly, builds muscles. All these will help you to tone your body and face, making you more confident and lighter as a result.

3. Break A Sweat

A tried and tested workout method, running is considered as one of the best exercises to get sexy, glowing skin. This cardio workout opens up the tiny arteries in your skin, allowing more blood to reach the surface of your skin and deliver the necessary nutrients that repair the damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. By running, you can lose overall body weight, burn fat and calories.