One of the first things people notice is your face. For the majority of the time, people dream of having a flawless, well-defined, sexy look especially when it comes to their distinctive facial features. Due to age, diet, and lifestyle changes, individuals would gain weight which could leave extra weight and fat to appear in their body in particular, their face. Others are also regularly told that their face has “baby cheeks” or “chipmunk cheeks”. If you are experiencing fat in your face, these puffy cheeks are not a cause of concern just yet! However, one of the most effective and age-old disciplines, yoga could play a part in a healthier lifestyle and slimmer, more defined face. As with all trends that come and go, V-Shaped face is the talk of the town as the face will appear more youthful and feminine. Also termed as “V-line”, it is also used to imply face contouring techniques for toning facial features through the elimination of double chin, puffy cheeks etc.

Facial contouring or face slimming helps to bring about a V-Shaped face that has a sculpted cheekbone which forms a sharp angle that narrows and converges in the direction of the chin. When weight loss on your face is a concern, there is nothing truer than the age-old “diet and exercise” rule. By making some small changes and exercise to your daily routine, you can firm and tone your beautiful face in no time! Though it is not considered difficult to make these changes and perform these exercises, it is worth the effort to find out when you discover what lies beneath your face fat.

If your attempts at achieving a sculpted look on your face are unsuccessful or you are facing struggles with face fat, you can start taking matters in your own hands as we will be sharing with you some facial yoga tips for you to naturally achieve the slim V-Shaped face!


Does Facial Yoga Work?

The benefits of exercising are paramount as it releases toxins from the body, increases your metabolism, relaxes the mind etc. Similar to facial exercises, it helps to release any tension in your face, neck, and strains in your eye where your face has approximately 52 muscles. If you do not exercise the muscles below the neck for prolonged periods of time, they will turn flabby and weak, with the same thing that happens to your face due to age.

By relaxing your facial muscles on areas such as your forehead, jaw, which holds a lot of tension, it can counteract our daily wrinkle-causing grimaces. Though facial yoga does not eliminate lines, it can prevent your face from all the downward drift. Facial exercise (also known as facial yoga) is a natural way of making your face appear younger through toning of muscles. Even for individuals that workout regularly, your facial muscles are often neglected. A simple facial exercise consisting of clenching your facial muscles can also improve your blood circulation with clearer, healthier complexion results for your face.


Face Yoga Workouts

1. Puff Up Your Cheeks

As we age, all we want is a thin and sleek face, which is the complete opposite of us when we were kids when chubby cheeks and dimpled chin was all the rave. However, that is not to say that chubby cheeks give you an unappealing look as it adds charm and glow but fuller faces are in fact stored fats. Therefore, sculpted cheekbones and jawlines are preferred as it gives you the shape that you desire. To tone your face and achieve a sculpted look, consider puffing out both sides of your cheeks and move them from one cheek to another for 5 times. While you make a small ‘O’ on your face, release the air and repeat this exercise 3 – 4 times to ensure that your cheeks are firm.

2. Look Up Towards The Ceiling

To achieve a more prominent jawline and high cheekbone, consider leaving your tongue out as your face is looking at the ceiling for stretching and strengthening your neck muscles. While you look up at the ceiling, hold it for 5 seconds, return to neutral position and repeat this exercise for 5 times.

3. Cheekbone Lift

For individuals who want to trade in fat, flabby cheeks for a set of defined cheekbones, consider putting your fingers on both cheekbones, lift the skin gently until taut, spread your mouth open to form an elongated ‘O’ and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this facial exercise 10 – 15 times.

4. Jaw Lift

A double chin can add years and pounds than your actual weight and age. If you want a toned jawline, consider doing a jaw lift for a trimmer face and a more defined look. Steps for the jaw lift workout include tilting your head backwards and face the ceiling, lift your lower lip above your upper lip as far as possible and hold for 10 seconds. Complete this exercise at least 10 – 15 times.