Some people develop a double chin due to excessive weight gain or as a result of age with their genes playing a key role, while others develop a double chin even though they are skinny. Be it a result of age or weight gain, the muscles sitting underneath your chin, also known as musculus mylohyoideus, will either lose elasticity or cause the area to plump up.

As we are living in a modern era where society places an exorbitant amount of value on one’s physical appearance, we tend to pay more attention and money on improving our looks by heading to the gym, maintaining a healthy diet and other natural healthier options. In fact, some individuals have also turned to exercises and weight-loss regimes that can achieve the most effective results in the least amount of time. This short and effective weight-loss regime allows an individual to juggle between work, family, as well as cope with the demands of modern day society. However, one thing that keeps coming up during weight-loss efforts is how to reduce fat in your face, particularly chin fat.

When one gains weight, it is impossible for you to control the distribution of fat. Most often, your friends and family will notice the weight gained around your face when you upload photos of yourself on the various social media platforms. However, if you want to lose face fat, you will have to start off by losing overall weight, which includes regular exercise, reducing your daily calorie intake and changing your lifestyle. In fact, when one loses weight, the first thing that goes is excess water retention, with the next being body fat. When an individual has successfully lost weight, one difference that is immediately apparent is a sharp and lean face.

If you are in need of losing fat from your chin, stay on this article and read further as we will be providing you with some insightful tips on how you can naturally lose fat in your chin and why fat appears around your chin!


Why You Have Chin Fat

It is never a nice sight when you see a double chin in the mirror or photo, and it is usually a reminder for you to lose a few pounds. If you could conjure some sort of magic, you would have fat fairly distributed across your body or hidden from the public eye.

Though it is common to see individuals who are overweight with a double chin, some people who are fairly lean, have a decent set of defined muscles and perhaps a nice set of abs can also be susceptible to double chins too. This is due to the fact that your genes can influence where the body sends or stores fat. You are therefore more likely to see a double chin if your family has a history of poor skin elasticity. If you have poor posture, it could also cause the muscles around your neck and chin to weaken.


Natural Fat Loss For Your Double Chin

1. Weight Loss

As obesity is one of the main causes of a double chin, switching up your diet may help you to achieve overall weight loss and loss of fat around your chin. Consider a low-calorie balanced diet consisting of healthier options such as whole foods, fruits and vegetables. For your daily diet, go natural by eating at least three servings of fruits and vegetables as it will keep you away from junk food, and fills your body up with fewer calories. At the same time, fruits and vegetables contain plenty of water and fibre, which also helps to keep you hydrated and provides plenty of healthy benefits. Consider going for fruits like apples, oranges and mix it up with all sorts of berries as they are low in glycemic index (GI) carbs and packed with antioxidants.

2. Drink Lots Of Water

We cannot overemphasize the importance of water. Drinking lots of water can help you stay hydrated and prevent you from reaching out for other unhealthy options, detox your body and more. Consider drinking at least 8-ounces of water per day. Consider drinking more water if you are an active person and constantly exposed to the sun. As our body has a natural protective system, it instinctively thinks that it lacks water when you are not drinking enough water. As a result of this, your body will store as much water as it possibly can causing you to get bloated. For this natural fat loss, consider sticking to water and avoid sodas or sugary drinks as they contain sugar and may lead to bloating or other complicated health issues.

3. Exercise Regularly

Not only does regular exercise help you achieve a lean and healthier body, but you will also lose weight across your entire body as you will be burning fat across all parts of your body, including your face. While some may experience a dramatic difference in their face, others may see slight changes, but you will be able to see some sort of improvement in your facial appearance. Consider exercises such as aerobics, jogging and some facial exercises to strengthen your jaw area.