For those of you who have never gone clubbing before and feel like you’ve been missing out, you really aren’t. But if you’ve been there and done that during your youthful adolescent years and wonder if you are missing out, take comfort in the fact that it is most certainly not going to make you any younger anymore. That is because far too many aspects of clubbing contribute to our ageing even more and make you feel old. In fact, a large number of youths these days do not even enjoy it, and for good reasons. Quite a number of them point towards the lack of logic behind heading to clubs. Read on to find out why you should give it a miss when your friends ask you out to paint the town red.


Needless Expenditure On Illusory Benefits

Nothing causes more stress than needless expenditure, especially one that comes with benefits that are mostly illusory. Just transportation costs alone could easily take a lot out of your wallet. One could certainly attempt to save money by sharing that taxi with friends (but that’s assuming that they’re the sort to remember to chip in). Moreover, we haven’t even taken into account the high likelihood that you might get separated from them in the hectic crowd of the club. Even if you and your friends somehow stick together throughout the entire ordeal, you might just end up footing the bill on your own for some reason. Not to mention, the entry fee that you have to deal with to get into the club.

Granted, clubbing can indeed feel like fun when you’re dancing with your friends or someone you’re interested in — as long as you’re sufficiently buzzed. Dancing does feel good, thanks to the surge of hormones known as endorphins and dopamine. However, in order to stay in that headspace, you most likely would have to spend more on ludicrously priced drinks for the rest of the night. The crazy part about this is that most people who go clubbing would indulge in ‘pre-drinking’ before even entering the club, blowing money even before you step into the smoky lights of the club. After entering the club, you are going to find keeping a handle on your alcohol intake that much harder and that might lead you down the path of excessive alcohol intake.


Additional Stress

Perhaps the most baffling aspect of clubbing thus far is the crowd. Why contend with the claustrophobic nature of clubbing, if you don’t fancy crowds? Our surroundings greatly influence our well-being; surely having to deal with such a stressful atmosphere is the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve in our leisure time. Some people do thrive in such conditions, for sure, but it’s certainly not for everyone either. Less crowded clubs do exist, but those tend to come with a certain level of prestige. In other words, you would either need to splurge even more in order to gain entry into those or attain the looks of a top model. All that time, money and effort could be better spent on more fruitful, even healthier, ways to reconnect with your friends under much less stressful conditions.


Safety Concerns

Clubbing also puts you at greater risk of falling prey to a wide range of safety concerns. You and your friends have to stay extra vigilant, more so than you would typically have to, whenever you’re in the clubs. All over the world, crime rates at clubs seem to be at an upwards incline. Some of the lowest common denomination of the general populace prey on clubbers, especially unsuspecting women. You would have to be on constant guard while you’re out clubbing lest you become the target of theft, molestation, and violent crimes. Ask yourself: is it truly worth the risk?


Better Off Getting Much Needed Rest And Relaxation Instead

The main appeal of clubbing is its purpose as a way of letting go of your inhibitions. But with so many risks at stake, more of us only end up feeling utterly drained, and ironically more inhibited, by the end of the entire experience. So many of us are exhausted from the need to keep up with our fast-paced lives that none of the short-term benefits that come with clubbing is worth the effort. Furthermore, you’re also expected to stay out for as long as possible on such occasions, which is only going to sap the time that you could have used to relax, unwind, and enjoy some much-needed sleep. Even if you do want to stay in touch with your friends, it would be far more logical to do so in a more low-key setting where you can actually hold a decent conversation.