When we want to get a slimmer figure, we look to exercise to help us attain that. But how then do we make our face slim and nicely shaped? It has been found that regular facial exercise might just be what you need to accentuate your face shape. Scientific studies have been done and the results have been promising. You are going to want to sit up for this. Not only does facial exercise help improve your facial appearance, you will also find the visible signs of ageing severely reduced. For those of you who struggle with the treadmill, you would be pleased to know that those wrinkles and laugh lines on your forehead can be hidden without the need to hit the gym. But that’s not to say it would be easy, here is what you need to know about facial exercises.


What Are Facial Exercises?

Facial exercises work similarly as how exercise would to build up the strength in your biceps or quads. When you work out the muscles in your face, these muscles grow stronger and bigger and they take up much more space in the little pocket beneath your skin. More than just taking up space, the stronger and firmer muscles that you have built up would hold up the fat pockets and this stops them from slipping and looking like they are drooping.

We are going to be straight with you, facial exercises have been a long-lasting tradition from thousands of years back, but whether they work remains to be seen. Of late, scientific studies have been done to determine if there’s any empirical evidence to it. In a study, 27 women between the ages of 40 to 65 were asked to participate in facial exercises conducted by a trained yoga instructor. At the end of it, the average age of the participants as defined by dermatologists dropped by almost three years. This makes facial exercises an alternative to surgery involving knives and needles.


How Can You Do Facial Exercises?

The important thing when it comes to facial exercises is learning the proper technique. All the rubbing in odd directions might actually lead to adverse effects and cause your skin to lose its elasticity and even appear worse than it was before. What you could do is to look up facial yoga gurus or dermatologists who can prescribe the right exercise that fits your facial shape and designed specifically for improving your facial appearance. These exercises have to be done consistently in a well-designed exercise plan over the week for you to reap the most benefits from it. You have to be serious just as you would in your usual exercise plan.

Another thing you could do is to look to the web for inspiration. But instead of looking at pictures and text that might make it much more difficult to master, look out for instructional videos on YouTube that you can do alongside. Some of us might struggle with picking it up at first but rest assured, once you have found the right facial exercise that is most effective for you, stick with it and you would look younger than ever.

Our face has over 50 different and unique muscles and something you might not realise is that a bulk of them are rarely utilised. A simple facial exercise that you can do to tone up the area around your eyes is by using two fingers on each hand and applying pressure on either side of your temples. Following that, start opening and closing your eyelids quickly like you are blinking for around 10 seconds and repeat it five times with a rest between each set. What you should always maintain is the cleanliness of your hands before you touch your face. You definitely do not want to be causing an acne breakout in the process.


Staying Realistic

While facial exercises have been proven to work, you have to be calm and composed to ensure you do not rush the process and jump a few steps. Facial exercises can work when it is done in a progression-style manner to ensure you do not overdo it. Similarly, the setting of realistic expectations when it comes to the end result is just as important. When you expect too much from these facial exercises, you might start turning extreme in your search for cosmetic excellence.

If you feel that your face shape could do with some cosmetic intervention, it has been suggested that the combination of facial exercises with face treatments by aesthetic professionals could help you achieve your ideal facial appearance. These face treatments are not invasive unlike cosmetic surgical procedures like incisions that could cause scars and nerve damage, and usually utilise safe methods like the use of controlled and uniform heat to create a positive reaction in your skin tissues to boost the collagen production. This combination of facial exercises and face treatment would definitely be ideal in your pursuit of a slimmer face.