Due to modern day culture, the majority of us suffer from issues with our confidence when it comes to the hair around our body. In today’s world, the clean and hairless look may seem a common and popular choice for many but the “all natural” look, with excessive armpit, leg or bikini hair would cause raise plenty of eyebrows. At times, you may develop thick hair or grow hair around places such as your body, underarms and legs without you noticing. In fact, it may be an incredibly sensitive topic as some may want to have hair removed as quickly and permanently as possible while others are happy to let it grow as it is part of their natural expression.

As we go through puberty, we will experience physical as well as emotional changes to our body. Some changes include growth and changes in the physical state of our body as well as the development of hair around our body. In fact, it is regarded as a social norm not to have any hair anywhere apart from your head these days. For women, hairless underarms and legs help to bring about a sense of confidence, self-esteem and eliminates the fear of judgement by others.

More and more people have turned to hair parlours and beauty salons to have their body hair removed to achieve a “clean and flawless” look as it gives them a higher sense of confidence and sense of belonging among their like-minded community. In fact, it is not just a phenomenon for females, more men than ever have also started to become more conscious about their body hair, especially around their underarms. Male models and celebrities who constantly flaunt hairless and well-defined bodies could be a contributing factor to this social pressure.

If you are considering heading for a hair removal treatment, keep reading this article to find more information about hair removal and the advantages of it.


Learning More About Hair Removal

Whether you like it or not, the popularity of having clear-looking skin and hairless body and legs is here to stay. The hair removal trend has extended to males and females, with different types of hair removal such as manscaping, IPL, laser hair removal, electrolysis, threading, waxing, depilatory creams apart from the traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and plucking.

The motivations behind hair removal were once primarily for cleanliness, hygiene and convenience, but nowadays, many people who voluntarily seek to remove their body hair do it for fashion and aesthetic reasons. Some common hair removal practices include removing unwanted body hair around their underarms, legs, bikini lines and facial hair for men. For many, a clean-shaven or hairless look is considered meeting grooming standards.

With the focus and trends shifting towards removing unwanted hair, there has been more modern technology introduced in the aesthetic market.

With the quest for smooth, hair-free skin, this has contributed to the increase in hair and aesthetic boutiques around the world. There has even been an increase in uptake among professional athletes, models and the general public. With all that said, let us discuss the benefits and confidence of hair removal does to one.


The Benefits And Self-Confidence From Silky, Hair-Free Skin

1. More Outfits And Clothing Options

One of the most common and popular reasons for many who decide to remove hair on their body and legs, hair-free skin presents more outfit and clothing options. From sleeveless tops to skin-hugging outfits, a hair-free skin allows one to don an outfit confidently, especially during extremely hot weather. In fact, a well-groomed body allows you to wear skin-hugging outfits without causing any discomfort to your skin such as turning hair follicles into icky red bumps due to the fabric rubbing against your skin. By removing hair from your legs and body, you can prevent friction and inflammation to your hair follicles and skin.

2. Smooth To Touch

Similar to “baby skin”, which is considered smooth and gentle, a well-kempt body, leg and underarm free from hair has the same texture too. In fact, hair-free skin leaves it glowing, soft and less susceptible to irritation. A body free from hair also proves beneficial to the skin when you moisturize or exfoliate as there will not be any hair obstruction.

3. Neat And Tidy Appearance

Another reason for removing hair from your skin is a neater and tidier appearance. Besides looking clean and tidy, taking care of your personal grooming helps you create a good first impression, whether it is for an interview, meeting or event. It is also an indication of an individual who has good health, proper hygiene and grooming habits. With an increasing number of male and female models flaunting their well-toned and hairless body and legs, there are more youths and young working adults who have also decided to remove their hair too.