Having some troubles with the puffy shades under your eyes that fall nowhere close to enhancing your beautiful face? Well, before you head out to grab a bunch of off-the-shelf products which can be loaded with preservatives, why not try making some from the fresh ingredients that you have at home to help you restore the beauty of your eyes? Read on to find out how.


Chilled Cucumber Slices

First up on the list to revive your pair of beautiful peepers has got be this classic home remedy-chilled cucumber slices. Cucumbers are known for their soothing properties for your skin and are great for refreshing your eyes. Not only do they help in reducing the look of dark eye rings, but regular application of the cucumber mask can also help bring down water retention, reduce signs of puffiness, lighten your skin, scars or spots, and boost cellulite production while hydrating the skin around your eyes. All these amazing benefits are thanks to the phytochemicals and antioxidants that are found in the cucumber. The best of all? You just need to wash the vegetable well (or grab an organic one to avoid having pesticides or any toxic chemicals to place on your skin), slice it up and chill the slices in the fridge for a nice cooling eye mask. Have the slices cover your eyes as you lay down comfortably for 20—30 minutes. Have your hands pressing the sliced down or put on a sleeping eye mask for better contact of the cucumber to your eyes. Then rinse off with cool water when the time is up, pat dry and apply your preferred eye cream. Do this thrice a week.

Alternatively, you can grate the chilled cucumber and apply the mush to your eye area for a better mask to skin contact. 20—30 minutes and rinse with cold water. Easy!


Used Tea Bags

For another quick and easy remedy, keep your green tea and black tea bags after brewing your cup of perk-me-up. Packed with wonderful herbal properties that can relieve dark and heavy eyes effortlessly, all you have got to do is pop the damp (and cooled) tea bags into the fridge for 10 minutes. Then place the bags on top your eyes for 10—15 minutes to depuff and lighten your dark eye rings.

Apart from the cucumber slices and used tea bags, you may like to use what you have available in your kitchen like tomatoes, potatoes and aloe vera slices as your quick fix. The phytochemicals and antioxidants found in them make perfect home remedies to help you prevent and rid that dark shades under your eyes.


Pineapple & Tumeric

If you are game to mix things up for a more potent eye mask, try this lovely pineapple juice and turmeric powder concoction. Simply mix two teaspoons of turmeric powder and 2—3 teaspoons of fresh pineapple juice into a thick paste. Slather the paste onto your dark eye rings carefully with a makeup brush (or q-tip) and leave a buffer gap before your eye to avoid any of the mix getting into them. Leave the mask on for 7—10 minutes, wash off with cold water and you are done! Swap the pineapple juice to milk if it is less of a hassle for you. The lactic acid in milk can help lighten your dark eye rings too. And if you have got freckles on your face that you wish to fade, extend the mask to work those areas of skin too.


Baking Soda & Milk

Give your eyes a lovely boost with a mask made with 4 tablespoons of full cream milk and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. After ensuring that the two combined into a smooth, creamy paste, place it into the fridge to chill for no shorter than 5 minutes. Apply the mask onto your dark eye rings (and freckles if you have) and leave it on for 20—25 minutes before washing it off with cold water. You will find your skin a shade lighter and eyes rejuvenated. Repeat twice weekly.


Rose Water

We understand that not everyone like the idea of applying food onto their faces. So here is one easy way to make your own eye mask that will not cost you much time and money. Simply drench a cotton pad or small fabric with rose water and place it upon your eyes for 10—15 minutes. Remove the mask and pat in the rose water till dry. This effective mask helps in relaxing your eyes, hydrate the sensitive skin of the eye areas and help to reduce puffy eyes. Keep your bottle of rose water in the fridge for a luxurious and cooling treat for the windows to your soul any time that you need a quick fix.


30 Seconds Eye Massage

Couple your mask with this simple eye massage to boost better circulation around the area for ridding racoon eyes and puffy eye bags. Start with gentle tapping motions with your index and middle fingers. alternating, around your eyes. Be gentle and not tug or drag your skin while you go outward along your eyebrows, then inwards along the top of your cheekbones to your nose bridge. Repeat the round thrice and end off with your middle finger pressing the pressure points right under where your brow bones start, for 5 seconds. Do as you apply your eye cream after washing off the eye mask, or any time of the day when you feel like it.