The weekends are coming and if you plan to hit the beach for a quick getaway from the city life to rest and rejuvenate, we have got just the list for you. Check against the list below to ensure that you bring everything that can create that perfect refreshing break that you deserve so much without frills. Read on!


Packing List For A Day Out At The Beach

Grab your roomy beach bag and start packing for a sunny day out that you deserve at the beach!

Beach Mat

If you desire to spend some time on the shores and get a nice, even tan, your beach mat will be perfect for you to sprawl onto. Make sure you get weights to hold the mat down and avoid it or its corners from getting picked up by the sea breeze. The mat can come in real handy too should the sky decides to pour.

Large Bottle of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is a must when it comes to being out in the sun for hours. Bring along a large bottle of water (or a couple of bottles if you do not have one). The last thing you would want to have is to be dehydrated and fall sick the next day. Besides, any leftover water can be really useful for washing off the sand on your feet when you are leaving the beach.

Baby Powder

Sandy feet? No problemo! Baby powder is great for clearing your feet from the sand as you leave the beach. Sprinkle them on your feet and give them a quick wipe after. Easy!

Change Of Clothes

Just because you may change your mind and decide to head for a quick swim in the sea or perspire way more than you expect yourself to, an extra set of clothes to change out of can be so useful. You can choose to leave them in the trunk of your car and not fuss about it if you are driving!

First Aid Kit

Accidents do happen and it is always good to be prepared. Don’t worry, you only need the basic stuff like bandaids and antiseptic wipes.

Ziplock Bags Of Different Sizes

A perfect and important item on the list to make things really effortless while you are there at the beach. Great for sealing wet clothes or items to keep them out of your other belongings, and most importantly, for you to pop your mobile phone in a fitting size to keep water out.

Float Straps For Devices

If you plan to bring your electronic devices into or near the water, be sure to have them in a waterproof bag and attach a float to them or strap them onto you. Just imagine your phone sinking into the bottom of the ocean like the diamond necklace that Rose had in the movie Titanic, not so romantic or poetic in your case though.

Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Being out in the sun can be super damaging to your hair. That and with the combination of salt water and wind can be a vicious and toxic recipe for frizz and dryness for your hair. To prevent any potential damage, it is best to use a leave-in conditioner to moisturise and protect your hair. Coconut oil does a wonderful job, in this case with scent and the protective responsibilities, if you want to infuse a touch of tropical vibes.

Sunscreen Or Tanning Lotion

If you think that the potential damage to your hair is the only thing that matters when it comes to being out in the sun, think again. Though you may be heading to the beach for a tanning sesh, it does not mean that you are to lay there stripped bare without any protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. So slather on your tanning lotion to reduce the harm while you get your dose of rays for a golden glow like a goddess. If your plan is simply to spend the time by the water, under the shade and listening to the waves crashing in, sunscreen all over your skin is key to keeping you from being burnt. It is also necessary to help stall the appearance of freckles and premature skin ageing if you find them a beauty flaw. Get yourself a reef-safe sunscreen if you can as standard sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the aquatic ecosystems. Yes, it is helpful even if you are not planning to head into the water.

Snacks And Entertainment

Don’t forget to bring something to keep yourself entertained while you are there. Even if you plan to sit and listen to the waves, bring a magazine just in case you get bored. Your smartphone can be a great alternative but it can get really heated up under the sun. Of course, what is a day at the beach without some cold drinks and snack? Pop your choice of food and drinks into a cooler bag to keep them chilled for longer.