If you are having issues managing the hair on your body and am looking for methods to remove it permanently, then you would have surely come across some hair removal methods online which includes shaving, waxing, electrolysis and more. While some may be more effective in reducing and removing hair on your arms and legs, others may still suffer from the nagging issue of having hair on the body after visiting the hair or beauty boutiques repeatedly. In today’s modern world, a well-groomed individual with being seemingly hairless is considered a norm for many, especially with the numerous brand advertisements and infomercials featuring well-toned and hairless underarms, chest and legs.

Due to the presence of the media portrayal of a perfect body (all that airbrushing artists’ works are doing something for sure!), we become more self-conscious and increasingly wary about our appearance and body image. Whether you like it or not, it is an impression that is imprinted on to the minds of almost everyone. However, if you do find that hairy limbs or body is something that is forbidden even when it is only natural, it is easier to find solutions to that include removing hair from the body and legs that can be painless with the advancement of technology and accessibility to information.

If you are contemplating to visit a beauty salon or boutique to remove hair from your body, continue reading to find more about hair removal and the stages of hair growth.


Stages Of Hair Growth Once You Hit Puberty

We will experience plenty of changes to our body when we hit puberty, For girls, they will spot obvious hair to grow under their arms and between their thighs. And for the boys, they will find hair sprouting on the arms and legs, and growth in the hair on their face, armpits and down below. In some cases, hair would grow around the chest, back and buttocks. However, the hair would not grow instantly, but in phases over time. This can vary from person to person.


Things You Should Know About Hair Removal

1. Finer Hair

For individuals that absolutely hate growing a stubble, you may consider waxing to remove hair from your body and legs. With regular waxing, the hair on your body and legs would become finer over a period of time. Besides this, waxing would prevent you from developing the dreaded stubble that you usually get from shaving and hair removal creams. By waxing, the hair roots are being pulled out, with less dense and finer hair texture.

2. Trim Your Hair

If you are heading for a hair removal treatment anytime soon, check with the professional if you have to tidy up before the appointment. Should you decide or need to trim before your hair removal appointment, take extra care not to end up cutting it too short. If there is a choice, it is best to leave the responsibility of removing the hair to the professionals, or at least the first time, Ideally, the length of your hair should be as long as a grain of rice. If you have been shaving and looking to switch to waxing, consider leaving it to grow for at least three weeks or so.

3. Why Shaving Is Not The Best

Though it is regarded to be one of the most popular and convenient methods adopted by many, shaving may not be the best option because it can result in ingrown hair, which may skin irritation and razor burns or at worse, inflammation. One of the main issues involved with shaving is the development of ingrown hair. Instead of rising up when it grows, the ingrown hair curls around and grows back into the skin. At times, it can be the situation of dead skin clogging up a hair follicle. Some times an ingrown hair can also produce a raised, red bump, which looks like a little pimple. The reason that this happens is due to the inside of the hair growing sideways under the skin, rather than outward and upwards. In other instances, cutting naturally curly hair too closely may result in the sharpened end of the hair being pierced through the skin, causing ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs may leave you feeling irritated and embarrassed though it is not much of major health concern. If you do decide to continue shaving, consider shaving in the direction that your hair is growing to prevent ingrown hair from occurring. Alternatively, you may consider rinsing the blade thoroughly with water after every stroke.

4. If You Choose To Wax

Apart from shaving, another option that many people turn to is waxing. Though you may experience a certain amount of pain, waxing may prove to be a more effective hair removal method. Waxing has more long-term effects, where it removes your hair further down the shaft, causing it to weaken and stop growing. Alternatively, you may consider heading to the salon to have your unwanted hair removed professionally. These salons provide treatments like IPL and SHR for you to choose from with minimal to no pain experienced.