Coined as the “James Bond Shower,” turning the temperature of your shower down to a freezing cold can actually provide many surprising benefits for your body, mind and hair. Though usually unbearable, a cold shower or one to end your bath time can be the quick and effective boost for your energy levels and relieve your body of fatigue that you are searching for. On top of that,  there are many other wondrous benefits that a cold shower can offer you so read on to find out more!


Increase Alertness

Shake off fatigue and that morning brain fogginess by taking a cold shower in the morning. Feeling the cold water pouring on your body would trigger a natural response of deep breathing. And this helps increase your overall oxygen intake, giving the heart a boost in pump rate and thus causing a rush of blood through your entire body for an immediate and natural dose of energy. So if you need a quick perk-me-up in the morning, jump right into the shower and blast that showerhead off with chilly water.


Achieve Silky Hair & Skin

We think that this may be one of the best methods to maintain the appearance of your hair and skin effortlessly. Hot water has the tendency to strip our body of natural oils and moisture, leaving them dry, cold water, on the other hand, has a contracting effect on your pores and flattening of your hair follicles. The pores of your skin, scalp, and the hair follicles would experience a sealing effect preventing the loss of natural oils produced by your body and keeping pesky dirt and bacteria from getting in. With this contraction, you will find yourself with smaller pores and silky hair that requires practically nothing but a good shower.


Deter Ageing of Skin

The drastic drop in uric acid levels during and following exposure to a cold stimulus like a cold shower results in an increase in glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that keeps the other antioxidants at tip-top conditions in slaying free radicals in your body. Thus, showering with cold water has the benefit of freezing the age of your body and/or reverse any signs of ageing of your skin.


Improve Blood Circulation

If you are thinking of giving your blood circulation a boost, cold water can do so by encouraging blood to surround our organs. As cold water hits your body, it will kickstart the circulation of blood in your body,  leading the arteries to work harder to pump blood to help keep your body at its ideal temperature of 36.5 degrees Celsius. This process thus boost your overall heart health, clear blocked arteries, and combat some problems of the skin too!


Quicken Muscle Soreness & Recovery

Have you ever seen athletes taking ice baths after training and wondered why they are doing that? Well, it is not to torture their bodies, but to reduce muscle soreness in a speedy manner. Cold water works by lowering any damaged tissue’s temperature and constricting the blood vessels, preventing fluid build-ups. It also numb nerve endings, providing you with instant relief for muscle soreness. Give cold showers a try the next time you end an intense work out to help forestall delayed-onset muscle soreness.


Stimulate Weight Loss

This is probably the best reason why you should take a plunge and start going ‘brrr’ in the shower. Cold showers can escalate the rate of weight loss in an unexpected way. As the human body contains two types of fat tissue—white fat and brown fat—the latter generates heat to keep our bodies warm. Thus when exposed to extreme cold it is activated to burn 15 times more than usual and hence giving you an acceleration in weight loss. Now, that is some effortless hack to shape up!


Relieves Depression

If you think that cold showers benefit only your physical body, think again! Jumping into the shower and letting the cold water pelt on your body, or going into the ocean without slowly acclimating to it, promotes increasing tolerance to stress and diseases.

Cold showers have also been shown to relieve depression symptoms due to the intense impact of cold receptors in the skin. It works by sending an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to your brain. Hence, your brain experiences an antidepressive effect and a boost in moods.


Regulates Your Hormones

It is a fact that hormones have a major role in all aspects of your health. One of the most effective ways to regulate your hormones, particularly testosterone and estrogen, is by taking a cold shower three or more times a week. So don’t be afraid to turn down the temperature on your next your shower. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for sure!