You may have heard of the age-old cliche “clothes maketh the man”. As sexist as the saying is, it reveals a bitter truth: our appearances do matter more than we would like to admit. The ever so present pressure to stay young and slow down ageing is a major part of that. In recent years, more of us take greater measures in preserving our youth but even your clothes can age you drastically, making you look older than you are. Here are some ways you can keep your style fresh to make you, in turn, look younger.


Pay Attention To Classic Versatility

One of the best ways to keep the way we dress from ageing us is to invest in classic, versatile pieces that will never go out of style. However, in our efforts not to look old by dressing out of style, it can be tempting to emulate fashion fads — avoid succumbing to them. Most fashion trends go in cycles that often turn faster than most of our bank accounts can keep up with.

This is why classic versatility is so important in a wardrobe that keeps you from going way out of style. Focus on outfits that can both stand the test of time and be perfect for multiple occasions. You should always seek pieces that make you look presentable for your workplace, a casual night out, or a quick grocery run.

The best way to instil this habit is to select clothes that will go with existing neutral pieces in your wardrobe. This way, you are more likely to pick more versatile pieces since you’re more actively building on your current wardrobe, rather than a complete upheaval of it.


Introduce A Splash Of Colour

Neutral palettes may be ideal for the core of your wardrobe but never leave out colours altogether either. Dull outfits tend to make you look older than you are but the right colours will add vigour and youthfulness to your overall appearance. This will depend greatly on our individual hair and skin tones but these few colours tend to work brilliantly on most.

Revel In The Reds Of Your Wardrobe

Reds tend to give your overall look a more youthful vibe since people associate the colour with passion and energy. Select shades of red that you look good in. If you have a warmer skin tone, go for corals or other shades with a more orange undertone. Conversely, cool skin tones look better in shades with blue undertones such as burgundy. Those of you with more neutral skin tones usually look best in true reds.

Set The Tone With Turquoise Pieces

A combination of blue and green, turquoise is yet another colour that will make you look even more youthful. Lighter shades of turquoise, in particular, usually look good on almost everyone and immediately lift your overall appearance. You could always still experiment with darker shades of turquoise, especially for office-appropriate wear.


Ensure A Good Fit

An outfit should flatter the way you look and a large part of that involves ensuring a good fit. Clothes that are on extreme ends of the spectrum, either too tight or too loose, rarely flatter most women. You should also bear in mind that our body tends to grow less than ideal as we age, even if we treat it like a temple. We could maintain a great fat percentage and yet still be susceptible to unwanted bloating, ruining our body lines.

Always favour outfits that will subtly emphasise the best parts of your body. If you know that you tend to pack a bit of a paunch, make sure your outfit is able to draw attention away from it. Few other outfits age you more than those that fit you extremely poorly.


Go A Little Bolder With Accessories

Some people may be too afraid to go too bold with colours in their main outfits but at least try to go a little bolder with accessories. Think bags, shoes, or even glasses! Having fun with your prescription glasses is the perfect way to lend more youth to your overall look. Traditional frames usually give you a more authoritative demeanour but may also add years to your appearance. Bring someone with a good eye along the next time you buy a new pair of glasses.

However, you should always value quality over quantity. Try not to go overboard by wearing more than one striking accessory at the same time and steer away from tacky designs. Young people tend to pile on tacky, niche accessories, but if you do the same, you may end up making yourself look even older, rather than younger. Well-made, classic pieces are your safest bets.

Of course, the key to dressing yourself in a way that best preserves your youth is to always love what you wear. Feeling good in the clothes you wear will almost always show on your face.