We all have that special occasion where we will want to dress up. Perhaps it is the company’s dinner and dance or a special date. But as we scowler through our closet, we seem to find piles of clothing and feel like there is nothing to wear.  And more often than not, we seem to only wear that few comfortable pieces that are worn to death and neglect the others. Why though? Could it be the case that the other clothing no longer fit? Have we gained weight?

Weight management has perhaps taken centre stage in this day and age where our appearance and dressing is the first thing that people take us to be. Maintaining a healthy weight is tough, let alone losing weight. So let’s understand how clothes can play a role in weight loss.


Is A “Wardrobe Goal” Worth Pursuing?

We have probably made it a point to try to lose or maintain our weight in order to fit into a tighter piece of clothing. They are supposed to work like a constant reminder to be dedicated in our weight loss and dieting regime. But this could be a double-edged sword that leads to us succeeding in shedding the weight or tossing the garment away.

Admit it or not, we yearn to be like the images of young, skinny models and celebrities. It does not get any better or easier with fashionable and trendy clothing brands that cater more to the demographics of the lean and trim body shape. Therefore, to stay in trend and achieve the goals to look like the celebs that we love, we are directed to the option of shaping up.

However, the social pressure associated with having to fit into our body-hugging or tight-fitting clothes can cause health complications. Some health complications include eating disorders, heartburn, belching, and at worst infertility.


Are There Any Clothes That Can Help One Lose Weight?

Some of the most common answers we get from successful dieters and dietitians are to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, that may not be all. The clothes we wear, the one thing that is in plain sight could be one of the secret tricks in your weight loss journey!

Compression tights, footwear, the type of workout attire can, in fact, inspire us to burn more calories and get active. Read on for some tips that you may like to consider (to splurge on) for helping you on your weight loss journey!

1. It’s All About Your Footwear

Having a pair of comfortable and durable footwear allows us to move at a fast pace and encourages us to take long walks. A simple exercise can include brisk-walking, walking to work, climbing the stairs. Consider investing in a pair of feet supportive shoe which will increase the number of steps you take. This allows you to burn more fat and calories.

2. Workout Clothes

Dressing up increases your morale, the same goes for your workout attire! Owning a nice piece of workout attire can be the start to visiting the gym and working out as you will be motivated to put them on. Besides, it can motivate you to visit the gym or continue working out so that you can flaunt your figure in that piece of workout attire.

3. Dress Smart For The Moment

Instead of setting goals that might seem too far to reach and unachievable, consider getting a piece of clothing with stretchable material that fits your current size. This will ensure and motivate you at the same time to achieve your weight loss goals. Additionally, the items will adjust according to your size once your body ‘shrinks’.

4. Wear Compression Gears During Your Workouts

Though it is skin fitting, compression gears provide support during your workout which will reduce any damage to your body. Worn by athletes and workout enthusiasts, these high tech apparel promotes muscle recovery which will encourage you to continue with your exercising regime. Perhaps, it’s time to consider adding compression gears to your workout attire.

5. Accessories That Aid In Weight Loss Goals

No attire is complete without accessories. To ensure that you are sticking to your weight loss progress, consider investing in a smartwatch. This will allow you to track and monitor your progression.


Reward Yourself At Every Milestone

Something as simple as a piece of clothing can be the motivation to your weight loss journey! Don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you inch a little closer to your goals. A new pair of sportswear attire or dress may act as a motivational tool to pass on high-calorie foods too. Having that “wardrobe goal” may just be the motivator for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle! So, make that small step and a whole series of baby steps to shape up today.