The fascination with V-Shaped face becomes ever more apparent due to the latest K-wave and western phenomenon from various television, magazines etc which will influence your idea of beauty. A global phenomenon, the V-Shaped trend has got both men and women fixated on this development and trend especially when it comes to looking beautiful. As Korean dramas have emerged and meteorically rise due to “everything Korea” syndrome, this has led to the popularity of Korean trends due to the rising popularity of Korean pop stars and celebrities. Simply putting it, your face tells a number of things such as your age, health etc. Together with your skin’s appearance, your face shape can either make you look older or younger than your actual age. However, women with V-Shaped faces are considered more youthful due to their defined jawline, slim lower face, and sharp chin.

Due to gravity and ageing, an individual’s facial shape can appear to “drop” as your jawline loses its definition and the increasing prominence of nasolabial. A problem most individuals faced is bloat and water retention, especially after getting up from bed during the morning. Furthermore, an individual would lose its definition as a result of excess water and fat accumulated in the tissues due to age and lifestyle habits. Besides, there are plenty of other factors that may contribute to water retention and puffy face which includes foods filled with sodium etc.

Want to get a sharper chin and the highly coveted V Shaped face without undergoing any cosmetic surgery? We will be sharing more details on how you can achieve that chiselled, V-Shaped face. Here are some tips such as an improved posture, exercises etc that you can employ to achieve natural youthful V-Shaped face in no time!


V-Shaped Face: V For Victory

From eyelash falsies to V-Shaped face, everyone longs to enhance their features and look beautiful. Before you make a decision and embark on various exercise programs on defining your jawline and cheekbone, consider taking a look at your genes. Like it or not, your face shape is genetically inherited and what you consider as “fat” might be due to your innate facial structure. It is also helpful if you could check with a third party like your friends whom you trust if your face requires to slim down as we usually think we look worse than we actually do!

Good news as the long, desirable V-Shaped face is achievable through contouring. Of interest to ladies, “faking” that you have a well-defined cheekbone and jawline by applying contouring makeup to transform your look entirely is possible! However, the good news is that you can work out the muscles in your face to remove any fleshy bits.


Tips To Get Natural Youthful V-Shaped Face

1. Jawline Facial Exercises

Much like the other parts of our body, the muscles on our face require attention. With regular facial exercise, this will ensure that your facial muscles remain firm and will provide support for your skin and prevent it from sagging. Furthermore, regular jawline facial exercises can increase blood circulation within these muscles and aid in combating wrinkles.

2. Facial Massagers

Though they look bizarre, some people are committed to using them day in and out. With the use of facial massagers, it will provide a massaging action that will aid in microcirculation and lymphatic drainage that will minimize any noticeable water retention, puffiness or bloating in the face. However, these results are usually temporary though you may notice instant results after a comfortable and relaxing facial massage.

3. Face Lift Masks

When it comes to facial treatments, you are bound to see quirky and weird products in the market. When you think that facial massagers sound and look weird, you have yet to see a facelift mask before. Shaped as a mix between a chin strap, head brace, face mask, it actually helps to apply pressure onto the areas of your jaw and chin with the objective of slimming it down. Similar to the functionality of facial massager, the motivation behind these masks is to stimulate blood flow with the application of pressure on relevant areas. As the facelift masks wrap around your face, it may leave some individuals feeling significantly tighter when worn where some users may experience discomfort compared to traditional facial massagers.

4. Check Your Diet

Though sugar induced acne can appear on our faces due to the type of food we eat, one of the main contributors to our puffed up face is our diet. The same type of food that is part of our diet can also lead to inflammation which can cause you to develop arthritis, asthma and further inflame your face. If you are unsure of the type of food that is contributing to your bloated face and other health problems, consider honing in on your groceries as some of the common inflammation-inducing ingredients include corn, gluten, dairy, processed foods etc. To increase your prevention efforts against a puffed-up face, consider a daily dose of anti-inflammatory foods such as zucchini, coconut, lemons and plenty of high-quality H2O!