Because of how hair removal is such a taboo topic when we speak to our girlfriends, it is no surprise that all of us think we are experts when it comes to hair removal. But even with years of practice, some of us might still encounter a few bumps on the road to complete hair removal at the area of our lady parts. If you want a fuzz-free life, here are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get a clean and effective shave down under.


Get A Trim

If you are unsure when was the last time you have tamed the area around your lady parts, perhaps it is a good idea to do a little snip and trim before you shave. When you start snipping away, it allows for a much easier shave and ensures there wouldn’t be any painful snagging that might occur. Choose a trimmer with a head attachment that allows you to swivel and manoeuvre easily to give you maximum accessibility even at the hard to reach areas. By using the trimmer instead of a pair of scissors, you would find that everything would be kept to a uniform length and this would help to make the shaving a much easier time.


Choosing The Right Shaver

Not all razors are the same and because of how the hair around our lady parts do not grow in a single direction, it is wise to get a shaver with multiple blades to reach all of them at once without aggravating the skin too much. Certain shavers come with a built-in moisture bar that would help you achieve a smoother and pain-free shaving experience. Certain shavers allow for the blades to be swapped out when they get worn out and those would be the more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option as compared to single-use shavers.


Remember The Shaving Cream

For those who refuse to use shaving cream when going at their bikini line with a razor, you are in for a surprise (and it isn’t the good sort). When you skip on the shaving cream, you are putting yourself at the risk of nicks since there is a lot more friction involved. When you apply a layer of shaving cream and lather up, it creates a protective barrier between the razor blade and your skin to ensure that it glides smoothly. If it is your first time buying shaving cream or gels, look for those with active ingredients like aloe vera that would help soothe your skin and prevent the likelihood of irritation.


Shaving In The Right Direction

There is something that you absolutely cannot do when shaving and that is to rush through the process. It is fair to say that because of how delicate the area down under is, you have to take a lot more effort and time to ensure you shave cleanly. To remove the fuzz off your bikini line, you would have to use both hands, with one to pull the skin taut and the other hand (preferably your stronger hand) to calmly manoeuvre the shaver using light strokes. It is also important that you figure out the direction to shave in. To determine how, you have to look at the direction of your hair growth and shave in that same direction. Next up, to get a closer shave, you can start applying more shaving cream and shave against the grain to achieve that.


Caring For Your Blades

Some ladies love shaving in the shower because of the ease and convenience (there is no need to clean up when you can wash everything off in the shower). But what usually happens at the end is that they would leave the razors in the shower. While that might seem natural, it is not something we would recommend since it runs the risk of bacteria growing on it in the damp environment. What you should do is to dry it off and store the razor elsewhere to ensure they have proper air circulation. Not to mention, the razors often come with moisture bars for an easier shave. Leaving them in the shower would only wear the moisture bars faster due to the constant exposure to water. If you care for your razors and blades, they would be more likely to last longer, giving you more bang for your buck.


Shaving At Night

Shaving rash is just one of the things that we have to accept when we aren’t careful when we shave. When you shave before you sleep, it could make those bumps and itch less irritating and less obvious. That is because of how those moments of rest at night are when the cells in our body repair itself and by shaving in the night, our skin would be able to get back to looking its best the next day. If you are going on a beach holiday, it would then be best that you shave two or three days before you jet off to ensure that the sea and sand do not irritate your sensitive skin.