For both men and women, one of the most desired looks is to have a chiselled jawline, small and defined face as it helps to make us look more attractive. Our genes and our jawline determine the bone structure and size of our face. Due to poor diet, lifestyle choices etc, our jawline loses its definition. While some individuals are fortunate to be both slim and have a defined jawline, others may have a chubby face that forms a double chin. For individuals with a more defined jawline, it improves our facial appearance as it helps with our haircut, makeup decisions. Whether we like it or not, attractiveness is considered important to humans due to the pressures of modern society as it forms the first impression to many individuals. Due to beauty, fashion trends and evolution, certain facial traits are deemed to be more masculine or feminine which is similar to how our ancestors are able to identify if an individual was fertile and healthy.

Often neglected during our daily workouts, our face and neck are made up of 57 muscles. Due to age, a droopy look will appear on your facial muscles and jawline as gravity takes a toll on it. Similarly, your skin stops producing sufficient amounts of elastic and collagen, which are protein fibres for firming the skin on your face, neck, and jaw. Consider exercising the muscle in your face for a prominent jawline, enhancement of your cheekbones, and shredding of excess fat. As your facial muscles are generally small, they respond faster. Therefore, mixing a full-body workout with a healthy diet and following your skincare regimen faithfully can allow you to reach the peak of your physical appearance. As with other muscles that exist in your body, a variety of exercises can help to tone your jawline muscles.

If you have been making attempts to reduce your jawline with no effect, consider reading through the article as we will be sharing with you more tips on how you can achieve a chiselled jawline in no time!


Understanding Our Jawline

A sharp, defined jawline is a signal of good health, fitness, and youth regardless of your age. Before you begin with your efforts to reduce your jawline, it is important to understand what makes up your jawline. Your jawline consists of a bone structure that extends from your chin to ears. For individuals who want a strong jawline, it encompasses a bone that has a prominent angle visible that surrounds the bottom of your ear. For humans, it is considered a natural bone structure but the shape varies for individuals.

At times, some individuals develop a double chin due to age, diet, and lifestyle causing excess fat to accumulate, weakening of facial muscles, and loose skin underneath the jawline. In fact, the surface of our skin consists of a layer of thick connective tissue called platysma. With age and the power of gravity, our skin begins to sag as we lose collagen in the platysma. Therefore, our skin loses elasticity and loosens leaving fat appearing underneath our chin.


Face Fat Loss Tips

1. Jawline Roll

An anti-ageing workout, rolling your jaw ensures that you are stretching the muscles underneath your jawline. To work your jaws, tighten your face (as though you are on the verge of getting punched), have your lips puckered and move it to the right. Following which, say “Ew Charles” with a force when your jaw is tense and ensure that you do not grind your teeth. Furthermore, speaking aloud triggers your muscles to move quicker. As you say “Ew Charles”, ensure that you create a circle in your mouth as the resistance works the jaw.

2. Clenching

One of the facial muscle that is often neglected and not used to their full capacity is the muscles around the mouth. When exercising your jaws, be sure that the other unused muscles are relaxed to avoid soreness and headaches. To work your jawline area, consider clenching and holding your teeth together for about 3 seconds with a special mouth guard. TThis special mouth guard should not be a sports mouth guard. Instead, it should be made by your dentist. With soft plastic material, this special mouth guard helps to protect your joints and prevent TMJ problems. For this exercise, consider doing 3 sets of 10 to see effective results.

3. OO-EE

For this facial exercise, the muscles worked include the muscles around your mouth, the sides of your lips, and in between your nose and upper lip. Directions for this OO-EE facial exercise are by opening your mouth and have your lips purse together without touching or revealing any your teeth, and say “OO-EE” in exaggerated movements. To mix it up, consider “OO, AH” movements. For this facial exercise, do at least 3 sets of 10.