Having excessive facial fat that masks their accentuating features like jawlines, dimples or high cheeks can be incredibly frustrating and is an eyesore when they look at themselves in the mirror. For some, the highly-noticeable trait and the difficulty of removing it can leave them feeling low on self-confidence and constantly in search of solutions to reduce the flab on their face. Because of that, many women end up spending a lot more time in the dressing room contouring with makeup. Besides, our fascination for a small, slim and V-shaped face made even stronger with our exposure to Hollywood glitz and Korean media glamour.

Face fat is difficult to lose and there is no exercise that can target an area specifically. Exercise can tone muscles based on the targetted group, but the energy used during exercise is derived from all over the body, not just a particular area.

The fat can mask the best features of your face and make maintaining a chiselled and slim face a monumental task. Your face is likely the first thing people notice and you will want to make sure you are always on top of the impression game with facial toning exercises, proper weight loss techniques, and a healthy diet.

For some individuals who are fortunate enough to have a well-defined jawline and high cheekbones, having facial fat may not be a big problem. However, many Asians do not enjoy this trait and may possess a shorter face that can make the appearance of facial fat more pronounced. Though our facial features are genetically inherited and there is nothing much we can do about it, we can use a variety of ways to improve and accentuate your jawline!

We will be sharing with you more tips on how you can achieve a chiselled jawline, so continue reading this article to see what are some steps you can do to achieve it!


Getting Rid Of Jaw Fat

The pursuit of beauty is a battle that we will never be able to win decisively due to ever-changing trends. In today’s generation, one of the most sought-after looks is the appearance of a contoured and well-defined jawline which, essentially, brings out and represents youthfulness and beauty.

As we age gradually, our metabolic rate declines and we spend less energy as a result, our facial muscles weaken and lose some of their ability to maintain structure, and the skin loses its elasticity and slacks to cause fat to accumulate and loose muscles to droop, making your jowls look more pronounced.


Tips To Improve Your Jawline

1. Jaw Movements

There is no better solution than focusing on improving your jawline with a jaw movement exercise. While you are sitting upright, stretch your lower jaw as far down as possible. Next, jut out your lower jaw to create tension in your cheeks that are near the ear area. As you begin to experience tension, continue the jaw exercise for about 10 seconds before keeping the jaw relaxed and bringing it inwards. This is a good facial exercise since it requires next-to-nothing from you; you can do this at your work desk, on the commute, or even during rest periods in the middle of your gym sets.

2. Smiling

Smiling is perhaps one of the best facial exercises that not only is it natural but also rewarding. Besides being able to eventually give you a more beautiful smile, you can bring a smile to others and lighten up someone’s day too! To create more happiness with your happiness, all you need to do is keep that smile as wide as possible with your mouth closed. Always ensure that your lips are not separated and hold the smile for 10 seconds. After which, relax your face and bring it back to its original state. By smiling every day, it uplifts your face structure as well as lifts your mood.

3. Reduce The Amount Of Sodium Intake

If you have been a lover of french fries and instant noodles, then sadly for you, it is time to either reduce drastically or stop entirely. When your body has excess amounts of sodium, it can contribute to water retention in your body and cause swelling and puffiness around your facial features. Furthermore, a higher intake of sodium can lead to an increase in fluid retention particularly for individuals who are sensitive to the effects of salt. When you reduce the amount of salt intake, not only will you lighten the workload on your kidneys and keep your blood pressure in check, but you will also be able to better reduce the bloated look around your jaws and improve your jawline. Avoid processed and canned foods, savoury snacks and junk meals to cut unnecessary sodium intake.

4. Slapping Exercise

To highlight your jaw from the under layers of tissue, consider the slapping facial exercise. When you are doing the slapping exercise, ensure that you slap with your palms on the sides of jawline without exerting too much strength. The slaps need to be firm in order to improve your jawline. Do 20-25 slaps per day.