As you browse through your photo album, do you notice that the pictures of yourself seem to be slightly different? Are you now sporting a rounder and fuller face from the couple of extra pounds you have put on since? Or could it be that you indeed have not put on any additional weight, but that the angles or wide-angle lens you are using have put on some extra digital weight? Poorly taken photos of yourself may leave you feeling demoralised and become exceptionally conscious of taking photos.

In today’s modern world, with all its technology and applications, we are able to snap a photo with such ease. From selfies to group photos, we are able to capture every and any memorable moment with a myriad of photo-taking devices like mobile phones or professional DSLR cameras, serving as a reminder and memory for us. Unlike the past, we are now able to simply whip out our state-of-the-art mobile phones of multiple megapixels comparable to that of many professional cameras to take high-quality photos of our surroundings, actions, people and ourselves. Together with social media where we can parade our enviable selves and immortalise memories, taking a flattering image of ourselves is no longer an option but a must.

For some of us, particularly if we are the ones who are always the one holding the phone or camera for selfies, our faces would naturally be the jarring one, taking up most of the foreground and appearing bigger as compared to the rest. While it is true that the camera can add a couple of pounds to our face, it is important to know the effects of a camera. A camera, especially the effects of focal length, can make your features flatter and make you look slightly bigger. There is also barrel distortion, in which the camera lens make straight lines appear curved, enlarging your surface area. All these can give you the plump effect, making you look fatter and fuller than you actually are.

If you want to know how to look picture perfect, keep reading on to find out the tips and tricks you can employ when taking photos and some weight loss tips to make you look and feel slim and confident of your looks!


Tips To Look Picture Perfect

1. Photo-Taking Techniques

While you will not always be successful in reducing your double chin, you can still look great in your photos. Whether you love or loathe having photos of yourself taken, they serve many purposes especially when we want to share and remember those special moments in life. Some techniques to highlight your facial features are to move your head forward and down, change your pose that accentuates your jawline, create a shadow that hides all that unwanted double chin, shoot from above, and shoot from close range with a wide lens to distort the face and hide the underneath of your chin.

2. Slenderise In Seconds

Do you remember playing with a thick rubber band when you were young? Do you recall seeing the rubber band becoming thinner as you pull the rubber band? The same concept applies to your body and face. Before having your photo taken, lengthen your silhouette by tucking in your core, elongating your spine from the neck to the hips and keep your shoulder downwards and relax. When seated, sit on the edge of your chair with your legs at an angle, and keep your ankles crossed. When you are in a standing pose, have your spine strong and torso tight. For photos shot in a carefree manner, consider lengthening your body even further and feel free to lift your arms up over your head.


Reduce Weight Gain

1. Have A Healthy Diet

You cannot cheat yourself in the long run with all the photo tricks. Over time, your weight gain may pile up and accumulate causing you to balloon. Consider controlling your meal portion and the type of food you consume. Consider foods that are low in calories such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and avoid high-calorie foods such as ice-creams, sugary drinks, white bread, processed foods.

2. Exercise Regularly

Together with a healthy diet, regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight as it increases your metabolism, tone your muscles, lower your blood sugar level and other. Consider exercises such as running, swimming or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn fat. All you need is to spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising to achieve successful weight loss.