Find yourself putting off menial tasks a little too much lately? Don’t worry, we have all been there. Whether it is heading back to the gym to shed those pounds or fixing that leak in the sink, it’s always met with a resounding “eh, maybe next time”. Procrastination isn’t easy to overcome: it can feel stressful and frustrating, but it all comes down to managing your emotions as well as perspective towards your daily tasks. While you might feel like you can’t do anything about it, your mind is definitely much stronger than you think. To help you kick this habit and manage your tasks more effectively, here are some ways that you could incorporate into your quest in defeating procrastination.


The Early Bird Gets The Worm, Literally

If you’re hardly getting any work done in the office because you’re either too distracted or hit a mental block, you might want to consider coming in earlier. Since hardly anyone is ever in the office that early, you would have a quiet space all to yourself, or at least for the next hour or so. During this time, you might find it easier to focus on your tasks and plan out what you are going to accomplish for that day, which gives your productivity a well-needed boost.


Find Out Which Time Of The Day Works For You

It is virtually unthinkable for someone to stare at a computer screen and work through the day without facing a slowdown. If you find that working during the post-lunch hours is simply impossible, fret not! You just have to find out which time of the day works best for you and your productivity levels. Some individuals work best in the early morning and some just complete tasks after tasks in the late afternoon. Figure out which timings are your golden output hours and plan out your daily tasks accordingly to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Start With The Worst

The most tedious task on our lists is always the one that we put off for hours on end, which ultimately leads to us shelving other important tasks too. To avoid the snowball effect and tackle procrastination, it is highly recommended to start with the “worst” task on your list first. Usually, after doing so, you might even feel a little bit lighter and be more productive for the rest of the day sans the stress.


Make A List

To make it easier for you to complete your tasks on hand without getting sidetracked, making a list usually helps. Keep the momentum going and boost your productivity by noting down all the things that you want to complete by the end of the day. This will aid in giving you that sense of accomplishment that comes with checking the tasks that you have completed, which drives you to follow through and get other duties done as well. On the other hand, having a list also helps you to keep track of the tasks that you have for the day without missing out on any.


Forget About Your Fears

The main reason why we put off some tasks is usually due to the fear of failure. It could be something as nerve-wracking as applying for that internship or as simple as asking someone out – the bottom line is that fear is our worst enemy in life. Forget about your fears that “this may not go the way as planned” or “they are not going to like this idea” and simply give it your best shot. You might even be surprised at how things might turn out.


Ditch Your Phone

More often than not, we would usually be distracted by our phones when we are trying to get something done. Most of us are definitely guilty of scrolling through Instagram and Facebook for hours on end when we are supposed to complete a task at some point in our lives. To minimise distractions and keep procrastination at bay, put your phone away for a few hours in the day. Lock it up in a safe or put it on airplane mode – whichever way you prefer. This will certainly help you to focus on what you are doing and see the task through to completion.


Don’t Think, Just Do

Just like leaving out your fears when it comes to completing your tasks, spending less time thinking about it and actually doing it would definitely help. Besides, thinking about the task too much may sometimes lead you to dread it and put it off. Spend some time to brainstorm on how you are going to approach the task and then channel it all into action to enhance productivity.


Reward Yourself

Don’t forget to give yourself a little treat after you have braved your tasks head-on. This will help to make you feel capable and in turn, boost your productivity levels and minimise future procrastination. While it is easy to get carried away in your tasks, do also remember to give yourself a well-deserved break every now and then. You worked for it after all.