Here’s a fun fact: If you were to key in “how to get rid of pores” into Google search engine, over 15 million search results will pop up and fill your screen.

Now that is a colossal number to disappoint but somebody has got to do it: you cannot get rid or eliminate your pores. You are stuck with them forever. Not that it is a bad thing really. They are, after all, your very own hair follicle that allows oil generated by the glands to reach the surface and lubricate the skin. This natural skin oil helps keep your skin supple, moisturised and healthy while protecting them against dryness, infection and skin chapping.

Your pores have a very important task at hand, so you definitely do not want to see them gone forever!

While pores serve a significant function, there is no denying that they can be unsightly and equally annoying, especially the enlarged ones. More often than not, it is these enlarged pores that are preventing us from achieving seamlessly smooth skin.

And so, it begs the question: If we cannot get rid of them, how then do we fix the problem and have them appear less unsightly? For the record, it is possible to diminish or minimise your pores so they appear less noticeable. Here are some ways for you to make that happen.


Protect Your Skin with Sunscreen

The UV rays from the sun break down your skin’s collagen, which is accountable for keeping your face firm and supple. Over time, this will lead to larger pores and stretchy skin after repeated exposure. Beauty experts around the globe recommend applying a minimum of SPF 30 every morning, preferably before you head out for the day and touch up throughout the day.

Sun damage not only dry your skin, but it also increases your long-term potential risk of cancer and wrinkles.


Unclog Those Pores

One of the best ways to make pores appear smaller and less noticeable is to keep them unclogged. Clay masks are a quick and gentle way to draw the gunk out of congested pores. Apply a thin layer to clean skin and let the mask wick the oil out of your pores.


Cleanse Your Face

Cleansers generally remove excess dirt and oil. However, the best of cleansers do not strip your skin completely of its natural moisture.

Search for an over-the-counter gel, mask or lotion that contains a proven sloughing ingredient such as retinol or fruit enzymes. You can also consider opting for exfoliants with either alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs). Both AHAs and BHAs can maximise your exfoliating benefits, with the latter possessing the ability to penetrate deep into the pores to treat acne.

A gel-based cleanser typically works well for large pores related to oily skin while those with normal to dry skin can profit from creamy cleansers. Be sure to avoid cleansers comprising of soap or scrubbing agents regardless of your skin type as these elements tend to make your pores look bigger.

If you tend to break out in addition to having large pores, try opting for a lotion with salicylic acid instead. The acid content will exfoliate your skin while treating the blemishes. Do remember to use a sun protection factor (SPF) 15 product daily as exfoliating can make the skin more sensitive to UV light.


Never Sleep with Makeup On

We are not going to judge but falling asleep with your makeup on is never great for your skin and is detrimental so many levels. It might seem harmless, but we assure you that your skin will punish you the following day when you wake up to dull, uncomfortable and lacklustre appearance.

When your makeup is left intact on your skin overnight, it reacts and mingles with dirt, oil and bacteria from the day causing dull skin, clogged pores, bumps, puffy eyes and generally aggravated skin. And yes, your pores will look larger the following day when you wake up.

Despite this, we have all been guilty of sleeping in our makeup at one time or another (guilty as charged!) because sometimes, tiredness prevails.

Nevertheless, it is important to religiously wash and remove your makeup before you go to bed every night, no matter how tired you are or how late you get home. You can also use a makeup remover before cleansing for extra benefits.


Hide Them

Well, if all else fails and you cannot seem to beat them, hide them. A primer is the most effective way for this. Much like an Instagram filter, primers have the ability to blur your pores and create a seemingly smooth finish. Primers also fill in the pores, paving the way for a perfect blank canvas for further make-up. Good luck