You’ve just landed yourself that promotion at work you’ve been slogging off for after all these years. Finally, you think. It’s what you deserve. But then it dawns on you: sooner or later, your schedule is going to get so incredibly full that you’re barely going to have enough time for you to breathe, let alone head to the gym. It’s even more of a shame, too, considering the fact that you’ve just managed to drop a couple of kilograms and you’re inching closer to your ideal figure. How are you supposed to sneak in enough exercise with all the extra work that’s about to head your way? The solution is simpler than you think: make full use of your time during your daily commute. Here’s how you can do it.


Consider Cycling To Work

Invest in your very own bicycle and get a little extra cardio every single day by cycling to work. Obviously, this one doesn’t apply to you if you live a considerable distance from your workplace. You don’t want to show up at work, looking like a complete mess after cycling for a stretch of 10 kilometres. But if you think that you might be able to manage the distance between your home and the office, try waking up earlier every morning and getting on that bicycle. With adrenaline kicking in early in the day, cycling may even give you that burst of energy you need before work. Riding a bicycle is fun, too, so it won’t even feel like a workout, making you more likely to stick with it. If you like, you can pack an extra set of clothes and shoes so that you can freshen up once you reach the office.

For an extra challenge to your muscles around your tummy, keep as little of your weight on the handlebars as possible. You can also alternate between a slower pace and ramping up the speed and intensity of your cycles. This sort of high-intensity interval training may keep your metabolism fired up well after your workout, helping your body burn fat more effectively in the long run.


Take The Stairs Instead Of The Escalator Or Elevator

If your daily commute involves escalators or elevators, take a detour and head towards that flight of stairs, instead. It may not sound like much exercise but if you do it consistently, you can burn approximately 500 calories just by climbing up the stairs per week. If you can, try pushing yourself even further by adding ankle weights into the mix. Not only would the extra weight burn more calories in the process, but it may also be able to help you tone your leg and abs. Putting on a little more muscle definition can go a long way to ramping up your metabolism and preventing your body weight from see-sawing too much. Of course, do check with your doctor first if you’ve had prior injuries that may be affected by the use of weights.

However, there is but one drawback to taking the stairs more often. It can be all too easy to believe that you’ve earned the right to overindulge in calorie bombs because you’ve fooled yourself into thinking you’ll be able to burn it off anyway. Just 100 grams of a chocolate bar can add 500 calories to your daily intake, and taking the stairs for one day won’t be enough. Remember that you’re aiming for an overall calorie deficit, not just burn calories from a bar of chocolate you could easily do without. You should also try to fit in a more intense workout on the weekends and continue challenging your body.


Give Up Your Seat To Someone Else

Throw in the towel and quit joining in the mad rush for seats on trains and buses by standing up throughout your entire journey. You won’t be able to sneak in an extra hour’s worth of naptime this way, but you would be able to benefit from burning approximately 60 calories for every hour you spend standing up. If your commute takes about an hour, you’d be able to burn around 600 calories per week as long as you stand the entire time, to and from your office. Pair that with climbing the stairs every single day and you can end up burning at least 1000 calories per week through your daily commute! Standing up while wearing a pair of high heels to work can also put your legs and abdominal muscles to the test by forcing you to engage them the entire time. However, if you feel that you’re not quite up to that challenge, consider using a shoe bag for your heels and make your way to the office in a pair of more comfortable shoes. This way, you won’t have to worry about feeling as if you’re about to topple over anytime soon.