Due to all the recent backlash and calls for the use of more realistic body image, brands have been using average joes to advertise their products. By doing so, skincare to fashion and lingerie brands are hoping customers can better relate to their advertisements. In fact, these brands are brushing away the idea that no one has body hair in the media—where we grow up thinking to have hairless body and limbs are considered normal and easily attainable.

After making many breakthroughs in terms of body hair these past few years, it is important to understand how the hair conversation has shaped us and why it draws such visceral reactions from the masses. In this article, we will be tracing back the history of body hair removal, our thoughts and feelings towards it and some hair removal techniques that exist till today.


A Brief History Of Body Hair Removal

Based on historical records, hair removal in the ancient time was often seen as an identifier of status. Women who are wealthy and of higher status would look for different ways to remove their body hair, including the use of pumice stones. In fact, the majority of women felt disgusted and embarrassed by the idea of body hair, both their own and idea of others allowing hair to grow.

It was only till the 1700s that the first relatively safe shaving instrument was introduced and used to remove body hair. Over the years, this initial hair removal tool was incrementally refined in the hope of creating a safer instrument to be utilized by the masses. Today, the “hoe-shaped” razor is being used by most of us and is what we are familiar with.

However, the ease of shaving and the first ever disposable doubled-edged blade was invented only in the 1900s. This was the period which effectively eliminated the need to sharpen shaving blades after every shave. This invention also reduces the likelihood of developing skin irritation while allowing its user to perform the undesirable hair removal process at home without any worry.

This hair removal tool is then further improved and made easily available by the change in fashion and trends, whereby more women are donning sleeveless tops, shorter skirts and summer dresses would prefer to remove hair on their legs and underarms for vanity sake. This led to the creation of a razors dedicated to women. Over the years, pop culture and media fueled the hairless trend as an acceptable standard where perfectly smooth bodies were seen as a norm. Any hair at the pits, legs and down below is deemed as unhygienic and unkempt.


My Personal Thoughts About Body & Leg Hair

It Adds A Sense Of Mystery

When we take off our outer clothes for a bit of fun action, a little tuft of hair down there can add to the mystery. Think of it this way, the idea of our partner taking off our clothes is similar to unwrapping a present. With hair down there, it is just one more layer for them to open up and explore. For some individuals, the little hair tufts is a signal for plenty of mischief and naughtiness.

No Preference

According to a recent survey on pubic hair, there is a healthy group of men who had no opinion on whether they prefer their partner to go bare, trim or all natural. In fact, these are the guys who feel that it is the women’s business and decision whether she does decide to mow her down below or not. They are also the same guys that are satisfied and happy enough that a woman is willing to share herself with them, thereby making them obvious keepers in the land of males.

It Shows What We Think Of Ourselves

Ultimately, it is one’s decision whether he or she wants to trim, go natural or all bare. A person who goes bare can be considered sexy by their partner or to themselves, but can also be an indication of their insecurity at the same time. A person who leaves a bit of hair could be seen as naughty, but also accepts that hair is a part of his or her body. On the other hand, a person who goes all natural may be considered a slob or does not bother much about his or her appearance. In other words, we are doomed in anyway.


Ways To Remove Body Hair At Home

If you are up for removing hair at home, here are 2 effortless ways you can do so:


For the majority of us, shaving is considered one of the most common and popular hair removal methods probably due to its affordability and fuss-free nature. However, shaving only works by cutting off hair at the skin level. A painless hair removal method as long as you are careful, you can remove hair without all the hassle. When shaving, ensure that you are using proper shaving cream or oil accompanied by sharp blades to prevent any razor burn or any other post-shave irritation. As the hair is only removed at skin level, it will usually grow back in approximately one to three days. You can purchase a razor from the nearest drugstore or supermarket, and it is generally affordable.

Depilatory Cream

When you use a depilatory cream, it is typically smeared on in thick layers over areas that you wish to remove hair and left on for a couple of minutes before wiping off. This cream works by dissolving the hair, typically removing hair at or slightly below skin level. However, they may not always be the most effective when it comes to coarser hair. Due to the chemicals involved, they can leave a somewhat offensive odour.a