Long hours at work and a sedentary lifestyle leading to irregular meals and poor food choices are things too familiar to the modern day office worker. Accompanied by high-stress lifestyles, lousy sleep patterns and the lack of healthier foods available when we overtime, excessive weight gain is not uncommon. Furthermore, you may also develop a poor sitting posture from sitting at a desk all day. If left unchecked or disregarded, it may lead to the unhealthy build-up of fats around your body, including your chin.

Ask any office worker and you will find that snacking while working is prevalent, and foods laden with sugar and fat are the choice dinner for overtimes. Naturally, this will cause us to put on extra weight, especially if we do not exercise regularly. Besides our diet and lifestyle, uncontrollable factors in modern day society might wreak havoc and cause stress to your body. While some are able to manage their stress well, others may let stress get the better of them and make them turn to over-eating or emotional eating, disrupting their hormones and metabolism.

The advent of the digital age brings new opportunities and tools, but it also brings along challenges and problems for your health. We spend increasing amounts of our time scrolling and looking at our mobile and laptop screens, often with bad posture as we slouch and bend our necks down to surf, chat and work. When we sit with bad posture for such prolonged periods of time, the muscles around our neck and chin will weaken, causing the surrounding skin to lose its elasticity.

If you are having issues with your double chin and wondering if your work habits are adding to your problems, continue reading this article as we will be sharing with you some tips on achieving a chiselled, well-defined chin!


The Causes Of Chin Fat

Whether you are young or old, you are susceptible to a double chin. A double chin appears when fatty tissues are built up in your submental area, or underneath your chin area, giving your face a fuller appearance. You are left with a double chin when there is excess fat in your chin and neck. Over a period of time, this excess fat will sag and stretch the skin, leaving you with that dreaded double chin. Sometimes, you may be left with sagging skin underneath your skin though you have managed to lose a lot of fat around your face.

Although weight gain and ageing are usually associated with sagging skin underneath your chin, your genes also play a role in whether you will inherit it. You are more likely to develop a double chin as compared to others if it is something your family has as well.

Wearing tight collars can accentuate your double chin and make it more visible by putting pressure on the tissues and causing them to “spill” outwards.


Tips To Reduce Double Chin

1. Eat Healthy At Work

When an individual develops a double chin due to obesity, consider making changes to your diet as it may prove beneficiary to your overall weight loss and reduction of a double chin. Consider opting for a low-calorie diet which consists of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. For your daily diet, reduce salt from your food as it can lower the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, a reduction in dietary sodium can prevent excess fluid that is stored in your body, which will help reduce puffiness around your face. With a natural diet made up of fruits and vegetables, it can keep you fuller for longer periods of time as fibre helps your curb cravings and snacking. At the same time, incorporating probiotics can help with your digestion. If you are going to put in extra hours at work, consider packing some extra fruits so you can have them in the later part of the day.

2. Correct Your Posture

Although one of the benefits of technology is that it allows you to work remotely, we tend to work on a couch or bed while using our laptop or mobile. However, using your laptop or mobile while on a couch or bed can lead to complications such as neck and back pains as well as loss of skin elasticity and chin muscles. To overcome and prevent this from occurring, consider setting up your laptop or tablet at an appropriate height, which means adjusting the height of your desk if required. When using a mobile, consider using a headset or have your mobile devices placed at eye level as much as possible.

3. Aerobic Exercises Intensities

A popular exercise technique, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help you burn a ton of calories and increase your metabolism in the shortest amount of time. Unlike regular exercises, you can perform HIIT at the comfort of your home, and usually requires about 20-30 minutes of your time. There are two intensities, high and low when you perform aerobic exercises. For low intensities, this slow pace training method helps to save the joints from potential repetitive stress and burns fat. For high intensities, you can switch up the pace of it, giving yourself shorter break times. Another way to see effective results, consider alternating the intensities for each exercise session.