Shoes are a part of our daily lives. They are meant to be worn on our feet for us to constantly move around such as walking, running, and standing. The size of our feet does not change compared to our apparels that are affected by changes in our body when we are fully grown.

There are many kinds of footwear, from heels, running shoes, sneakers, the list could go on. Investing in a good pair of footwear has plenty of health and financial benefits. Whether you are using it for your workouts or casual purposes, a decent pair of shoes will be able to reduce any sort of discomfort or pain such as damages to your foot or ankle.

By now, we would have known that healthy eating and regular exercise helps us to lose weight. However, a pair of comfortable shoes may be one of the keys to weight loss as it allows us to move more. This article hopes to share with you the importance of a good pair of shoe and its effect on weight loss.


Are Shoes That Important?

The spotlight turns to shoes in light of the abundance of fashion styles available. From a casual to a formal look, a pair of shoes completes your look.

Shoes come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. More often than not, we take them for granted. A pair of shoe that fits well should not cause any health problems. On the contrary, a wrong pair of shoe or fit will cause some health problems. We will discuss the problems associated when you get a wrong pair of shoe.


Problems With A Incorrect Pair Of Shoe

For some, especially women, they tend to wear high heels either at work or a fancy dinner. Unfortunately, a lack of grip as a result of the shoe’s construction may lead to stability issues whereas a constricted shoe may create paresthesia (also known as numbness). These problems may lead to a reduced in certain activities such as walking and other complications due to prolonged periods of incorrect footwear.

Though you look good in those ill-fitting shoes, they may cause further feet complications. In fact, some of the damage can be seen immediately.

1. Development Of Corns

This particularly affects individuals who wear shoes that are either too loose or place an excessive amount of pressure on certain parts of the foot for an extended period of time. Due to the nature of the fit, it will cause a “slide and rub” effect resulting in corns to develop. Corns can be exceptionally painful when coming into physical contact. Furthermore, long-standing corns which sit deep into the soft tissues are harder to remove.

2. Problems With Nails

This usually occurs when individuals wear shoes and socks that are tight and does not fit well. Due to the fit, this adds pressure to the edge of the toes and pushes the skin into the nail plate. Moreover, there is a higher risk of developing an ingrown toenail when your toenails are not properly cut. Overall, ingrown toenails will cause severe discomfort for individuals. Consider avoiding tight socks and shoes in order to prevent repeated damage to the nails.

3. Athlete’s Foot

When individuals wear tight-fitting shoes, their feet tend to become damp and sweaty. This is particularly common between the toes. This will cause severe itch, inflammation, and flaky skin. If you are suffering from this condition, consider applying antifungal cream before it spreads further.


Reasons To Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes

1. They Give Us Comfort

A pair of high-quality shoe, be it dress or workout allows us to walk around comfortably without experiencing any discomfort or pain. Furthermore, they prevent us from developing blisters and calluses. Consider the shape of your feet, and arch type when you invest in a pair of shoe that is reasonably lightweight and provides absorbs shock. If your shoes are about to wear out, consider replacing them as they may cause you to have a lack of support or shock absorption.

2. They Are Durable, And Value For Money

You pay what you get. A pair of high-quality shoe is made of better materials. Formal dress shoes adjust according to the structure of the feet as they are made from genuine leather. Furthermore, they absorb moisture and allows your feet to breath, reduce risks of damage and are durable.


Make An Informed Decision

When you wear a pair of shoe that does not fit, it could lead to several health problems is not limited to feet damage. Consider a pair of shoes that you can afford, comfortable and most importantly, fitting. When trying on a pair of shoe, wiggle your toes and ensure that there is at least 1.3cm from your longest toe to the shoe. Physical appearance aside, shoes are also able to improve your quality of life, prevents injury, allows self-expression.