In the search of effortless ways to achieve flawless skin, today we look into one of the fundamentals of it all: cleansing. Cleansing is a vital and essential process to rid unwanted dirt and sebum, that are contributors to an array of skin problems like acne and rashes, from your skin surface. It is the first of the many steps of maintaining skin health, and instead of turning to the chemical loaded products readily available in the market, we explore the benefits of using natural cleansing methods with plant-based oils to attain radiant skin without the frills.


Oil Cleansing Method: What Is It All About?

As its name suggests, oil cleansing is basically a skin cleansing method using a plant-based oil or oil blend. It is suited for all skin types, making oil cleansing a great beauty regime for everyone to try or adopt. It is a process whereby you start off with a few drops of oil of choice in your palms. Warm it by rubbing your palms together and then massage it over your face or body, as you would with a regular cleanser, adding more if needed. Then wipe it away with a soft and fluffy cloth.

This method is purported to be effective in removing the dirt and grime that have accumulated in the pores of your skin and help rid impurities and stubborn build-ups, based on the principle of ‘like dissolves like’. And by regularly doing so, oil cleansing can help you to achieve radiant and clear skin. Oil cleansing is also a popular way to remove makeup without stripping your facial skin of its natural oils.


Benefits Of Oil Cleansing

Natural And Non-toxic

Cleansers bought over the counter are usually mixed with chemicals to help stabilise, boost shelf-life and/or up the levels of effectiveness of the product. These chemicals are harmful and toxic for your skin. Using natural plant-based oil to cleanse your skin is safe and non-toxic. Try castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil to help remove your make up while nourishing your skin. These natural plant-based oils can also level the oil production of your skin.

Restore Skin’s Youth

Natural plant based oils are rich in vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to your skin. They contain antioxidants which can help to neutralise free radicals that are causing oxidative damages to your skin and body. Turn back time and restore your skin’s youth by applying coconut oil, flaxseed oil and argan oil. These oils are known to be effective and efficient for reducing fine lines and give your skin a healthy glow when applied.

Balance Skin’s Oil Production

Oil cleansing can help you regulate your own sebum production. In the process of binding the dirt and bacteria present while you apply the oil onto your face in a massaging manner, the plant-based oil purges the pores while replacing the ‘bad’ oils with itself. Thus it nourishes dry skin and eliminates excess oil production of oily skin.

Helps With Treatment Of Acne

Acne is a result of bacteria reacting with excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. Hence the process of purging your pores from accumulated build-ups, dirt, bacteria and unwanted particles, oil cleansing makes your skin a hostile environment for acne. Be it the prevention or a cure to acne, oil cleansing is surely a way to start. To boost effectiveness in clearing up acne, try a blend of jojoba oil, almond oil and evening primrose oil with a few drops of the antiseptic tea tree essential oil. Ensure that you are mixing in only a drop or two of the tea tree oil, for a little goes a long way in this case.

Hydrates The Skin

It is no surprise that oil cleansing helps with the hydration of your skin. Oils are naturally packed with fatty acids and that makes them ideal for plumping and hydrating your skin. Pair up oil cleansing with natural plant-based essential oils for moisturising for the ultimate combination to hydrated, glowing skin.

Heals And Lighten Scars

Oil cleansing with natural plant-based oils like castor, coconut, olive, rosehip oils, can help heal and lighten scars. These oils contain vitamins and minerals which can repair damaged skin cells and form new cells. In turn, quickening the healing process of healing scars and wounds on your skin.


Kickstart The Oil Cleansing Journey

Excited to give oil cleansing a go? Before you dive right in and slather all the oil onto your skin, do take some time to give your choice of natural oil an test on a patch of your skin for signs of allergy. You will also need to prepare your skin for this change in skin care routine to prevent any shock to your skin ( an abrupt change may cause your skin to breakout). So take it slow by introducing it to your skin with a session every 2 days and increase it eventually. Alternatively, you can use them as your daily make up remover to start off.