Old — the word that strikes fear into the hearts of many women all around the world. Whether it is an innocuous question asked by a child or a casual remark from an acquaintance, most of us cringe at the thought of perceived older than we are. Sometimes, we even get a little huffy when someone of a similar or older age addresses us as ‘auntie’ or ‘madam’. When that happens, our minds are usually sent into instant overdrive. Is it due to the new vivid red lipstick or overly arched brows that we are sporting? Or is our haggard looking complexion to blame?

Regardless of our age, the majority of us are filled with a never-ending desire to look youthful and beautiful. In our attempts to beat the ticking of our biological clocks, we invest in countless of exorbitantly priced anti-ageing skincare products and try out all kinds of methods available. Eye serums, wrinkle creams or even facial sheet masks that supposedly aid in lifting up the skin. We add all these products into our skincare regime while anxiously waiting for their effects to take hold. Asides from that, we even keep a close eye on the latest beauty trends, not wanting to be left out and inadvertently being labelled as ‘old’.

Despite our valiant efforts, the forces of gravity and age demand their presence to be felt. As time passes, our skin slowly becomes less resilient and bouncy. The sides of our jaw and cheeks start to sag and get pulled downwards, resulting in flabby and double chins. In addition, as we get older, lesser sebum tends to be produced, thus causing our skin to become flaky and dull. This then lays the groundwork for the formation of unsightly wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and dark marks, making us look tired and washed out. Accompanied by dark sunken in eyes, it’s no wonder why people often say that physical beauty is fleeting. As such, most of us tend to feel demoralised as we age, fervently wishing that we can turn back time.

Sadly, time waits for no one. However, with the advent of makeup, it might be possible to create the illusion of a more youthful complexion, thus helping us to feel more confident about ourselves. But one thing worth noting is that our previous makeup regimen when we were younger simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. Therefore, it’s essential that you are aware of what they are as well as the makeup and skincare methods to counteract it. With that in mind, here are 3 makeup tips that will help you look younger as below.


‘Time Reversing’ Makeup Looks To Try

Behind a successful makeup routine lies a comprehensive and thorough skincare routine. Time and time again, we are reminded of the importance of taking care of our skin and the amount of truth in that statement is uncanny. Excessive exposure to sunlight, surrounding air pollutants and indulgence in certain lifestyle choices like frequent alcohol consumption or smoking can take a toll on our skin in the long run. Therefore, to mitigate the amount of damage caused to our skin through these various factors, make sure to always include sunscreen in your skincare routine and try to abstain or cut down the frequency of your numerous vices as listed above. This is especially with regard to smoking which can negatively impact the collagen and elastin stores in our skin, resulting in unflattering saggy skin flaps, facial creases and fine lines. In addition, antioxidant-laden products like vitamin C serum should also be added to your skincare regimen to combat the ageing effects brought about by air pollution.

Most importantly, do note that while makeup has transformative properties, its effects are only temporary and might not necessarily be the same for everyone. As such, if you are looking for a more long-lasting solution, you are advised to consult either a dermatologist or aesthetician on the best way to deal with the effects of ageing skin.

Set A Good Base With Moisturising Primers And Foundations

Contrary to belief, you don’t have to invest in overly creamy or thick primers or foundations to hide your sunspots, fine lines or wrinkles. Mattifying types of primers and foundations are also a big no-no as they can unintentionally accentuate your dry and flaky skin. Instead, opt for those with hydrating properties and lightweight formulations so that they can settle gently on your skin while locking in moisture within it. In addition, primers can help to blur and soften any flaws on your face, thus giving way to the appearance of seemingly silky soft skin. Also, when putting on foundation, make sure to select 2 different shades and use the darker one around the problem areas that you wish to hide like sagging jowls or fine lines around your neck. Then blend it out with a foundation brush for a natural looking finish and to aid in creating the illusion of a more defined jawline and chin.

Opt For Thicker And Fuller Looking Brows

When we get older, our eyebrows tend to become more thin and sparse, so fill in any missing areas with an eyebrow pencil. Then, make it appear fuller by using a brow mascara. Thicker brows can rejuvenate your tired looking eyes and make you look younger.  Also, don’t forget to smooth them out so that it doesn’t look unnatural and painted on.

Dust On Blush With Peach Or Coral Undertones

To prevent a dull and haggard looking complexion, dust on some blush along the ridge of your cheekbones in an upwards direction. To combat the yellowish tones of your mature skin, go for blushes with peach or coral hues.