If you have read the first edition of our weight loss hack article and find that they are working out nicely for you, here are another handful of hacks to add to the initial list. Try a few or all of them if are amongst the iron-willed and charge yourself towards a better-looking body!


Organise Your Countertops

A chaotic kitchen and cluttered countertops are a recipe for disaster. Several scientific studies have shown that a hygienic and a clean living condition promotes healthy eating. So, organise and declutter your kitchen countertops to provide yourself with ample space and a pleasing environment that does not offer you the opportunity to think twice when you feel like preparing yourself a healthy meal or snack.


Lose That Microwave

Microwaves come in handy, especially when you are looking for a quick fix. However, quick microwavable meals, that are often so convenient and plays an integral part in the lives of busy working adults, are usually high in calories, sodium, fat and low in nutrition. Getting rid of your microwave will prevent you from getting yourself the instant meals that are low in nutritional value and opt for something more wholesome and healthier instead. If your microwave holds a sentimental value or it is simply not in your nature to throw away an item that is still in good working condition, fill it up with cooking books instead. Who knows, maybe this particular hack might just inspire you to whip up some tasty and healthy the next time you open the microwave.


Fuel Yourself Before You Shop

Never make a trip down to your local supermarket or grocery store on an empty stomach. Roaming around shopping malls after an intense workout session is also a no-no. Chances are, you’d probably dine in and gorge yourself out at the first restaurant you pass by. Apart from dolling up and making yourself look pretty, always try to fill your tank up before heading out to shop as you are more likely to opt for diet-friendly food items when you wander the aisles with a full belly as compared to an empty stomach.


Pop A Mint Post-Workout

According to nutritionists, minty flavours, such as peppermint curbs your appetite and prevents you from overeating. Therefore, pop a mint after your workout or chew a piece of gum after your meal to derail your other cravings. Brushing your teeth with toothpaste can also help steer you a safe distance away from the alluring post-meal snacking. Now you know why you have always been encouraged to brush your teeth after dinner or before you go to bed.


Unplug During Meals

We often see that small glitter of our friends or colleagues who exploit their hour-long lunch break to catch up with their favourite dramas or popular TV shows. However, distractions during your meal times often lead to mindless eating habits that ultimately results in overeating. So, switch off the television if you are having your meal at home or unplug your wireless earbuds when having your lunch in the office pantry. Eliminating these distractions during your mealtimes will enable you to be more aware of what you are putting inside your mouth and practice mindful eating. Furthermore, you get to socialise with your colleagues and build better working bonds with them, which in turn, will lead to increased productivity.


Choose A Single Indulgence

If you want a glass of red wine to accompany your dinner or feel like getting yourself a hot and sizzling banana ice cream crumble for dessert, go for it. But never do both in a single sitting. Ever heard of the saying “you can never have the best of both worlds”? Well, whoever came up with that is a genius simply because of the sizeable truth in that statement. So, bargain with yourself (we suggest that you do this silently in your head rather than thinking out loud) and select the better indulgence between the two — one that thoroughly satisfies your taste bud and makes the entire meal extremely satisfying for you.


Prep Your Meals

What is the easiest way to ensure that you eat healthily? You would have guessed it right — when you prep your own meals. This is exactly the reason why fitness models and athletes prep their own meals daily, and some, in weekly badges. It gives them total control of what goes into their meals and ensures that each meal is prepped with enough protein, carbs, fibres, vitamins and minerals. If you feel that preparing your meals in weekly batches is overwhelming, start by preparing a single lunch meal for the next day. The best time to prepare your lunch meal for tomorrow is straight after you finish your dinner when you are fully satisfied. This way, you are more likely to prep yourself a smaller meal with fewer calories without even realising it.