For most of us, it is very likely that we are found guilty of prioritising our face over other parts of our body. It is as such because of how our face is constantly affected by the environment around us like strong gusts of winds, harsh sun rays and even dust. But you might not realise that your hair is put through that same hardship as well. That might result in your hair suffering from a number of issues like dry, lacklustre hair or even frizzy hair. Today, we shall explore all the ways you can manage your issue of frizzy hair without all that fuss.


How Does One Get Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair happens when the cuticle layer of your hair is raised and causes moisture to pass through alongside swelling in the strands. This is what gives your hair the appearance of being dry and frizzy, as opposed to the smooth and defined look you have on your normal days. Your hair can also become dehydrated for a number of reasons, like not drinking enough water, not consuming a balanced diet, not sleeping well and not using hair conditioner to coat your hair with moisture.


How You Can Stop Frizzy Hair

Here are some ways for you to put a stop to frizzy hair.

Drying Right

You might be surprised but those high heat settings on your hair care products are not beneficial for your hair since your hair cuticles could swell. What you can do is to either switch to a lower temperature setting for lesser frizz in your hair or to get ionic ceramic blow dryers. If you have to use a dryer, prep your hair with a heat-protectant spray and ensure you don’t keep the hair dryer in a single area for far too long.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

While it might sound like a gruesome and gross suggestion, there are actually reasons for you to stop washing your hair too often. This is because when you wash your hair too regularly, it actually strips away all the natural oils that are on your hair and scalp and this would make it really dry. If you have naturally oily hair, you can actually find the use of a dry shampoo extremely helpful to ensure you do not have to wash on such a regular basis. The same would happen for your skin as well, when you shower far too many times in a single day, your skin dries out and it might cause more harm than good. If you don’t reach for those moisturising lotions and oils, your skin would definitely start becoming dry and itchy and even cause acne-related issues.

Use Hydrating Haircare Products

Following up from the previous point to wash your hair less, if you do have to wash your hair, do ensure the use of sulfate-free and alcohol-free shampoos and those made with glycerin since they dry each strand of your hand and encourage your hair to soak up all the humidity in the air. On the other hand, shampoos high in glycerin actually coat your hair with moisture and that prevents moisture from the surrounding atmosphere to get into your hair. Something that is heavily encouraged is the use of a hair conditioner every two days to seal the hair cuticle and stop humidity from getting into your hair. Another thing you could do would be to use hair masks with their rich ingredients like coconut oil, mango butter to honey, to control the fuzziness and hydrate your hair from the root to the ends. By going for these deep conditioning treatments once each week, you will find your hair that much softer and hydrated.

A Brush With Love

Our hair is an extremely delicate and complex matter and those simple routines that we have turned into habits might just be harming our hair. Something that we ought to reconsider is how we brush our hair. Most often times, we brush our hair right after we step out of the shower while our hair is still wet. However, that is a definite no-go since it disrupts the hair’s cuticle and stretches each strand of hair, causing breakage to happen. Instead, what you can do is to towel-dry your hair first and remove most of the moisture first. Next, you can run your hair through a small amount of moisturising conditioner or anti-frizz product before using your wet fingers to come through your hair. This would then help reduce the frizz and de-tangle your hair.

Keeping It Natural

It goes without saying that when we deviate from the natural makeup of our hair by straightening our hair, curling our hair or even dyeing our hair, we run the risk of ruining its structure. These could actually cause brittleness and cause breakage and frizziness to happen. If you have set your mind on a new hair-do, it would be advisable that you run to your trusted hair salon since they have the know-how and techniques to tame your frizzy hair and keep your hair silky smooth.