As the year comes to a close, we dread what lies ahead — the customary New Year’s resolution. And one of the top resolutions that are all too popular among netizens nowadays is weight loss.

An essential component to shedding off those unwanted kilos is by eating healthily. Regardless of whether your goal is to slash off a significant number of kilos or aiming to maintain your current weight having successfully zapping it recently, we suggest you incorporate some nuts into your diet.

There are a wide variety of nuts readily in the market that has been linked to weight loss. Several comprehensive studies have revealed that consuming certain types of nuts can help with your weight loss goals as you age. Furthermore, the studies showed that nut eaters tend to lead healthier diets as the nuts that they indulge themselves in often act as an effective substitute for the insalubrious processed foods. There have also been additional studies and trials that compared and evaluated the effectiveness of weight loss regimens that included or excluded nuts. Results indicated that subjects were able to stick to their proposed diet regiments better and shed off more weight when nuts were incorporated into it.

Certain types of nuts are healthier than others and a handful of varieties have been proven to aid in weight loss and reduces the risk of obesity when eaten in moderation. Here’s a fun fact — how you eat your nuts can also make a difference. Devouring nuts that are tucked in shells subtly forces you to pace yourself and eventually eat less. Nuts that come in shells are more time-consuming to eat as you need time to peel off their shells before popping them into your mouth. Moreover, you tend to eat these nuts slower as you need to chew whole nuts longer.

Here are some of the variety of nuts that you can choose to include in your diet plan:



Walnuts provide a boundless source of healthy fats, such as the renowned omega-3 fatty acids that offer essential nutrients, which has been proven to protect the heart and lower triglycerides. Because omega-3s are typically found in fish stocks like salmon, walnuts make a perfect alternative for those who avoid or do not eat seafood. Furthermore, walnuts are chock-full of phytonutrients and antioxidants that have been discovered to aid in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and minimises inflammation levels in an individual. What’s more, walnuts are also loaded with melatonin, a compound that enhances the quality of your sleep.

Oh, and you don’t have to chomp down a whole tree’s worth of walnuts to reap its entire health benefits. Just scatter a handful of walnuts onto your favourite salad or over your morning oats and that should do the trick. You can also utilise walnuts as a snack by combining them with dried blueberries and a teeny bit of dark chocolate chunks.



Scientists have gone as far as labelling almonds as a natural weight loss pill. That says a lot, doesn’t it? While we agree that nuts are relatively high in fat, these make up the essential fats that your body requires. Nuts are also an exceptional source of fibre and protein, and several studies have shown them to offer plenty of health benefits, which includes lowering heart disease risk factors, and almonds are no different. Consuming almonds, which are packed with monosaturated fats, in moderation can help you feel satisfied for a longer span of time and trick your mind into thinking that you are full. This prevents you from having the occasional hunger pangs and cravings, which may ultimately lead to excessive eating. In addition, almonds are also a nutritious food source that contains manganese, vitamin E, protein and amino acids. These nutrients are highly effective in minimising your risk of developing heart-related diseases.



Pistachios are high in protein and low in calories. They are also chock-full of fibre and potassium. Similar to almonds, pistachios are chock-full of monosaturated fatty acids that aids in regulating your cholesterol level and also promote weight loss. A particular study consisting of sixty adults who were at risk for heart disease and diabetes were conducted. The subjects were divided into two groups — one group has pistachios added to their diet, while the other does not. At the end of the study, it was found that the group who had eaten pistachios regularly had reduced cholesterol level and smaller waists than their counterpart. The subjects within the group were also found to have better blood sugar numbers and a lower level of damaging inflammation.


The Takeaway

Nuts are tremendously beneficial in any diet as they offer you a plethora of health benefits, including weight loss and cardiovascular health. having said that, be mindful when selecting your choice of nuts — steer clear of the ones that are coated in honey, chocolate, sugar, salt, seasonings or preservative. Else, you are merely turning this healthy superfood into junk food.