What do all women long for apart from flawless skin and silky smooth hair? A well-defined, curvaceous physique that teases every manly pair of eyes that sets upon it. Keep on reading to discover four fuss-free, sure-fire ways that can potentially sculpt your body into a Greek goddess.


1. Push-ups

One of the many fundamental exercises that has been imparted upon us as early as our primary school days and a form of punishment for the males during their National Reservist days — where you are bound to hear Platoon Sergeants yelling for crew-cut recruits to “drop down and give me 20!” at the most peculiar of faults like not greeting them when they are stealthily walking behind you or refusing to laugh at a Hokkien joke they that you don’t understand — pushups are probably the most basic yet effective exercise that challenges you with your own bodyweight and forces you to work a number of muscles. To execute a pushup, start in a plank position, with both your palms placed firmly on the floor. Your feet should hinge on its toes and your body streamline. Next, bend your elbows and slowly lower your body as close as possible to the floor, barely grazing it. Pause for two seconds before extending your elbows and bringing yourself back up to the starting position. Repeat the steps until failure and aim for three sets. If you are having trouble executing the standard pushup, you can modify your stance and drop down on your knees doggy-style. Rest assured that you will still be able to enjoy the multitude of benefits of this exercise and gain strength even with this modified stance.


2. Lunges

An important aspect of a well-rounded exercise regime is to constantly challenge not only yourself but also your balance to promote optimum functional movement while, at the same time, increases the strength in your yummy-licious glutes and slender legs. Lunges are easy to perform as it can be executed with minimal space. Start off by standing at rest with both of your feet shoulder-width apart and arms firmly clutching your hips or at ease down by your sides. The, proceed to take a regular step forward with your right leg and subsequently bend your knee as you do so. Try controlling your movement and hold your position as soon as your thigh is parallel to the ground. At this point, it is important to ensure that the position your right knee does not surpass your right foot. Pause for two seconds and lift yourself up to the starting position by pushing off with your right foot. Do the same with your left leg and that, my friend, is one rep. You should aim to complete three sets of ten repetitions each to fully work your leg muscles.


3. Squats

The most important exercise that has ever rocked mankind, squats is a compound exercise that works your entire body from the increasing your core and lower body strength to promoting flexibility in your hips and lower back. Because squats exert and force some of the largest muscles in your body to work, this exercise packs a mean Samoan punch when it comes to calories burned. How do you execute a proper squat? We thought you’d never ask! With your feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended straight forward for balance and keeping your chest as well as your chin up, push your hips back and start bending your knees as though you are about to brace yourself for your morning poop. Continue lowering yourself until your thighs are parallel to the ground, pause for two seconds before extending your legs to return to the initial starting position. Perform three sets of twenty repetitions to carve out the hips that don’t lie, Shakira style.


4. Dumbbell Rows

If you want to look stunningly hot in that killer bare-back dress, then dumbbell rows are just the exercise for you. Dumbbell rows are another compound exercise that targets multiple muscles in your upper body. Choose a pair of dumbbells of moderate weight and bend forward at a 45-degree angle to the front. Proper form is highly imperative for this exercise movement as it can lead to serious back injuries if not executed correctly, so be very careful not to arch your back in any way. Holding the weights tight, hang both of your arms down and engage your core. Then, bend your right elbow and pull the weight all the way back toward your chest while ensuring that you are engaging your lat. Stop just below your chest area and slowly return your arm to the starting position. Repeat with your left arm to clock one full rep. You should complete three sets of ten repetitions if you are serious about bringing sexy back (pun intended).