Let us not kid ourselves, we do not belong to a region where our lives are influenced by the four seasons of summer, winter, autumn and spring. What dominates our lives is the year-round season of summer and that alone is enough to make us go weak in the knee and cause a trickle of sweat to roll down our temples. When there’s summer, there is sun and that is why sun protection is a critical topic to be well-versed in.

All of us know that sunburns are the direct result of staying too long in the sun but did you know that most of that can be prevented with a few simple precautions? Surprisingly, it is not the day trips to the beach that would cause our skin to go red and sore to the touch (since we are usually well-equipped with a hat and sunscreen just before we hit the beach), but it is the short walks to the nearby market or for a jog that hits us when we least expect it.


A Wide Range Of Sunscreen

If you aren’t practising the habit of applying sunscreen just before you head out the door, now is a great reminder to do so. There is really no reason not to since there’s such a wide range of sun protection products on the market for every skin type and condition. If you are the sort who dislike that greasy feeling that comes after applying sunscreen, there are those with a non-greasy base that does not leave any residue after.

Some of you are guilty of only remembering their sunscreen only when out and about in the sun and that’s much too late… feeling a bit forgetful when it comes to sun protection? Dab on the sunscreen just after your moisturiser and just before you apply your makeup. Once you set that in stone, you will forever be protected from the harsh rays of the sun.


Forget Me Not

Even though we know that sunscreen should go on our face, there are a few parts of our body that we neglect when applying our sunscreen. Here is something we know, sunburns do not pick and choose their spots. Any exposed skin that is not shielded by your clothing or sunscreen will bear the brunt of it. Here are a few spots that we are more likely to forget dabbing sunscreen over.

The Skin Around Our Eyes

Did you know that skin cancer is an extremely real problem? That is not all, about five to ten percent of skin cancers are due to eyelid cancer. Due to the texture and ingredients used in moisturisers, the skin around our eyes finds it much easier to absorb than sunscreen. So if you are looking to protect your eyes from the sun, opt for moisturisers that have some form of sun protection in it. But that’s not all, sun protection can be fashionable as well — sunglasses are great to keep the UVA and UVB rays away from our eyes since most of them are wide enough to cover the entire eye area.

Top Of Our Heads

This would surely come as a surprise since our head is really the last place you would think sunscreen would go. But it is true, skin cancer can be a tricky thing and can start from your scalp. Since it is hard to identify due to the hairs on our heads, start applying sunscreen on your scalp especially at the areas in which your hair parts at. This applies even more to those who suffer from thinning hair. A smart alternative would be to start going out with hats, otherwise, sun lotion would do just fine.

Our Ears

This is often the body part we neglect since there are rarely any skin protection products on the market dedicated to our ears. But that is not to say they hold less of an importance. On the contrary, our ears are extremely susceptible to sunburn and they are the third most common location for skin cancer to happen at. Those who regularly go out into the sun without any sun protection have a tell-tale sign — you will spot the little freckles appearing if you take notice.

The Top Of Our Feet

This is sure to give you a chuckle. Have you ever seen your friends remove their watch from their wrist to discover a strap of skin that is coloured a whole shade different? This works the same for our feet as well especially for those who enjoy outings in their flip-flops or sandals on the weekends. Apart from the skin getting wrinkled and dehydrated, you run the risk of having age spots over time.

Our Lips

When we apply sunscreen over our face, we typically avoid our lips since the experience of having sunscreen on our lips is downright awful. Don’t worry, you are not alone in that. But perhaps what you can opt for is to start applying lip balm that has sun protection features to preserve the appearance of your lips. Your lips (lower lip in particular) are susceptible to sunburns and can cause you to have either swollen lips or blistering on the lips. No one wants that to happen!