Gone are the days when leggings are only reserved for workouts at the gym, yoga sessions or when you need to quickly pop to the store to get snacks for a late-night movie marathon with your pals. With the rising trend of athleisure over the past couple of years, leggings have now become a staple whether you live an active lifestyle or not.

Plus, with the summer season approaching, there is no better time to bust out your cutest leggings to include in your outfit of the day. And the great thing about leggings? They pretty much work for any occasion — well, maybe except for formal ones. This comfortable piece of garment will take you from brunch with your girlfriends to a late night gym session, no problem.

Can’t wait to get some inspiration so you can start putting together your summer outfits? Check out our tips below on how you can style leggings for summer and beyond.


Cropped Wrap Top

Always had dreams of becoming a ballerina but never had a graceful bone in your body? Well, what about doing the next best thing by channelling the ballerina look through your outfit instead? All you need is to pair your leggings with a cropped wrap top. For an ultra-chic look, stick with black from head to toe — this will provide you with a slimmer appearance as well as offering the illusion of making you look taller. As a final touch, put your hair up in a bun high up on your head for the ultimate ballerina look. This has the added bonus of slimming your face down too.

Or go retro by donning an 80s-inspired get-up. Simply top off your outfit with a pair of sneakers and long socks shoved down and gathered towards your ankles. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and do a bit of teasing to create some volume. For a truly 80s look, use a scrunchie instead of a hair elastic.

Oversized Sweater

Wearing a sweater two or three times your regular size with leggings is a classic sporty look you can never go wrong with. Cool and casual, this outfit will take you from your gym, pilates session to a shopping trip at the mall. Again, wearing all-black from top to bottom will lend you a street vibe that will make you cool enough to be seen among the Yeezy fashion crowd. Complete your look with a fanny pack worn crossbody and style your hair in French-braided pigtails.

Or put on a graphic tee to add some interest to your casual outfit. Throw on a pair of sneakers and you are all good to go.


Colourful/Printed Leggings

Black leggings are a staple in almost every girl’s closet but when you want to wear leggings as part of your outfit of the day, black can get boring at times. To change up your look, consider going for a pair of colourful or printed leggings instead. Paired with a neutral-coloured top, the bold look of your leggings will definitely up the ante of your outfit.

If you are not a massive fan of colour or prints or are not used to wearing a bold piece of garment, wear your leggings with a top or outerwear that reaches halfway through your thighs. Go with an oversized sweater as per our suggestion earlier in this article, a leather jacket or a black denim jacket for a streetwear vibe. This way, the longer length of your top or outerwear will hide part of your leggings, making them less attention-grabbing.


Colour Block

Want to look like you put little to no effort in your outfit but still manage to put together a fashionable outfit? We suggest trying your hand at colour blocking! This styling technique does take a bit of practice as well as a good eye to figure out which colours go together, but once you have it down, you will be looking like you belong in the fashion crowd.

To start your experimentation with colour blocking, stick to neutral colours first such as grey, navy and beige. These colours are much easier to work with and the muted colour scheme will not capture too much attention while you are out and about. A general rule when colour-blocking: pick a lighter shade for the top and a darker shade for the bottom. So, if you have leggings in navy, go with a top in a lighter blue shade. Same goes for all the other colours.

If you are feeling adventurous and aren’t shy when it comes to wearing colours, go ahead and don bright shades. If you have a pair of red leggings, wear it with a pink top. Or go with a red top and blue leggings combination.

As for footwear, stick with neutral colours such as black or beige so the attention stays on your clothes.